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Since #ArmCandy has become such a popular hashtag for the fashionistas of Instagram and Tumblr, we decided as bloggers it was our duty to share our arm candy with you guys!


Marisa Flacks

My arm candy is very minimal but a little sentimental. I’m definitely more of a silver than gold girl. I like to wear a simple silver bangle or watch, paired with these three rings. The one on the left is an infinity ring that my mother, sister and I all have. The middle ring my great-grandfather made in the 1950’s, and the last ring I got as a gift for my 18th birthday from my grandparents, which contains my birthstone.


Emily Tantuccio 

I tend to gravitate toward a lot of silver and turquoise jewelry for some more bohemian vibes – the evil eye bracelet was a gift from a friend and the black and silver ring was vintage from the 1960’s. The butterfly ring was my grandmother’s and the gold and silver heart bracelet is actually my medical ID, but it’s so cute that I don’t even mind it anymore. I love vintage pieces because you always know that there’s a story behind them.


Jenn Kim

This watch was a gift to me by my aunt when I was a young girl. I keep this as a remembrance more than for functionality purposes to remind me that time is memory and to cherish every moment. These two rings are basically the only two rings I wear on a daily basis. The rose gold ring was given to be before I moved into my dorm as a first-year, by my mom. The other ring was a gift from a friend because she says it “seems like something [I’d] wear”. The bracelet, why yes, it is a line from One Direction’s song “Little Things”. It was sent to me from a “follower” of mine on Tumblr who knew I love the song and the band (guilty pleasure!). But I particularly like this line to remind myself and others that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and that we are the best at being ourselves. “Jenndura” is a matching bracelet my best friend, my roommate, have to represent our friendship, it stands for both of our names (Jenn and Madura) combined into one to represent how connected we are. We hope for this bracelet to always remind us of our friendship and help us remember each other years down the road.


Katrina Labayen

Fossil Watch – I feel naked when I don’t wear my watch; It’s an
essential part of any outfit. Every college student should invest in
one–you will eventually need a way to tell time once you start
working (and your cell phone is not going to cut it).
Alex and Ani Path of Life Bangle – Represents strength, motivation,
and knowlege.
Jade bangle – This was my grandmother’s bracelet and holds great
sentimental value since she passed away years ago. Family means a lot
to me so I like having this piece of jewelry close to my hear


Sheldon Nguyen


Hannah Gerber

When it comes to jewelry of any kind, I like to keep it simple and functional because that’s normally my approach to fashion in general. On your typical day, I’ll wear a hair-tie around my wrist. It’s super convenient to be able to put my hair up whenever I need to get down to business (even if it’s not the most glamourous accessory). I also wear this sparkly black bracelet I bought last summer at the punk rock flea market in Philly for $2. Rings are great because you never have to worry about them clanking around while you’re trying to get things done. I’m obsessed with skulls this time of year (probably because it was JUST Halloween) so my rings are both skull theme

nicole pic

Nicole Klock

Invest in a good watch. It is a timeless piece that you will have for years and can be worn for any occasion! Adding a pair fun, colorful bracelets completes the look and is easy enough for any on-the-go girl to pull off.


Kaitlin Rogers

Relic watch: a somewhat formal-looking watch but with a pop of color
Pandora bracelet: a more expensive take on a regular old charm bracelet. Mine has more sentimental charms all given to me by various people, but there are many charms available purely for style purposes.


Jinny Lee

The first bracelet shown (blue and brown glass beading) was purchased from a thrift shop in Hawthorne, New Jersey called Udelco. Although it looks as if they are three separate bracelets, in actuality it is just one held together with a toggle clasp. The second bracelet is made with love out of glass beads from yours truly; beading is truly one of my favorite activities and even serves as a destressor at times. Another handmade bracelet by yours truly is the fourth bracelet consisting of turquoise and sun face beads; I recycled the turquoise beads from an old necklace and combined it with my new sun face beads that I had purchased from Michaels; this is the oldest and definitely one of my favorite pieces (considering I tend to accidentally break or lose my jewelry).

I hope you enjoyed our arm candy! Don’t forget to show us yours by #TrimArmCandy to our twitter @TrimMagazine


Marisa Flacks


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