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Music Spotlight: NGHBRS

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Hometown: Long Island, NY
For Fans Of: The 1975, Young The Giant
NGHBRS is a band that knows exactly how to cause a ruckus – and I mean that in the best way possible.  The past few weeks for the band have consisted of a whirlwind of publicity following the release of their full length record, their performance at CMJ fest, and the viral response to their Instagram-based music video (which you can view here) that received publicity in every media outlet from the Wall Street Journal to Idobi Radio and Fuse TV.  I caught up with the guys to chat with them about what they’ve been up to for the past few weeks and what fans can expect from them in the near future.
ET: You just released a music video that takes place on an iPhone, and it’s been generating a lot of hype for how innovative it is, including some press in the Wall Street Journal and a shout-out from Instagram itself.  What inspired you guys to utilize the social media platform in such a creative way?
NGHBRS: We knew we wanted to make a music video that was a bit wacky and very share-worthy. We circled through some ideas for a couple weeks but never really landed on “it.” One day Ian called me out of the blue and told me the Instagram idea. We decided right then and there that no matter how hard it would be to execute, we were going to figure it out and run with it.
ET: Coming from such a tight knit music scene in the Long Island area, what have the benefits been for you guys of belonging to such an active music community?  Any favorite bands from your hometown?
NGHBRS:We’re very lucky to be a part of such a great music scene. It’s nice to have such a supportive and talented music community. It definitely motivates us to be the best we can be, and it’s also awesome to be able to put together amazing shows with very diverse bands from the area. Look out for Allies, Peru, and Heavy English.
ET: What other albums or artists are you inspired by right now?  What are you guys jamming to on your current playlists?
NGHBRS: Our music tastes are all over the map, but some of the bands we agree upon at the moment are Half Moon Run, Local Natives, and Tom O’dell.
ET: Where do you hope to see yourselves a year from now?
NGHBRS: We hope to be touring, playing to bigger crowds. and writing our next album!
ET: What kind of mindset did you have going into recording this new record, Twenty One Rooms – did it turn out as you had expected?
NGHBRS: This was our first time writing a full length, so we really had no idea how to approach it. We tried not to over think things and just kind of let songs flow out of us. Once we wrote a handful of tunes, the direction of the album began to take shape organically. We decided to record the songs live in a big open room to make sure we captured the “realness” of the songs and our chemistry together. Our producers Bryan Russell and Dan Gluszak absolutely killed it, and the record sounds even better than we expected.
ET: What’s the funniest situation you’ve gotten yourselves into on tour?
NGHBRS: Our van overheated in a small town in Michigan, and a great man named Denny allowed us to pull our van into his driveway. While the van was being hosed down and cooling off, we were invited into his house to drink some beers and shoot some pool. Let’s just say, we’re lucky it was a day off!
ET: Every fan I spoke to who caught you guys at your CMJ showcase last week had nothing but great things to say about your performance.  Did you have time to catch any other artists performing while you were in NYC?
NGHBRS: Thank you! We caught Half Moon Run at the Bowery Ballroom. They’re an up and coming band from Canada, and their live show is incredible. They completely blew us away!
Stay connected with NGHBRS on social media at, and pick up their new record “Twenty One Rooms”, available for purchase on their band camp at high res
Emily Tantuccio

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