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Album Review: Kodaline

In today’s world of “Mr. Steal Your Girl” and “Yeezus”, it is extremely refreshing to stumble upon a truly honest and peaceful form of music, which is exactly what I found my first time listening to Kodaline’s In a Perfect World. Not only are their sincere lyrics well-written, but their sound is exceptionally relaxing and captivating.

Kodaline, an up and coming Alternative band from Ireland, released their first full-length album October 1, 2013. Every one of their songs has been deemed rightfully “popular” on the Itunes charts, proving they have earned the world tour they are about to embark on beginning this month, and coming to a venue near us in February. One of their most popular songs, All I Want, can be found on Trim Magazine’s Spotify playlist. The four boys, Mark, Steve, Vinny, and Jason, have all dedicated their lives to creating music, and I am proud to watch their success unravel.

For fans of: Coldplay, One Republic, and Snow Patrol



Marisa Flacks


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