Trim Treats: Grilled Cheese


I know what you’re thinking: “Trim taking on a recipe for grilled cheese?” This isn’t your run-of-the-mill recipe for grilled cheese, though. This recipe takes everything you thought you knew about grilled cheese and turns it upside-down, slaps it between two slices of warm sourdough bread, layers brie cheese, fresh apple, a drizzle of honey and calls it a day (are you drooling yet?). That’s right. We’re making brie and apple grilled cheese, people.


First and foremost let’s go over what you’ll need for this recipe:

Some brie cheese. You won’t need a lot for this recipe at all. I bought about half a pound for $7 the other day at the grocery store which was more than enough for a single sandwich, and I had plenty of brie to snack on with crackers for the remainder of the week (yum!).


1 small apple of your choice. I chose to use Gala because they were on sale and they’re my favorite kind of apple. Try experimenting with different varieties or even blending a few different types on a single sandwich! I have not yet tried to make this recipe with Granny Smith apples but it could be interesting! Whichever type of apple you choose, make sure it’s small! You really don’t need much apple at all for a single sandwich.


2 slices of sourdough bread. I used sourdough for this sandwich because I liked the way the crust crunched when it was grilled, in contrast to the warm chewy dough.

Some fresh baby spinach. This is totally optional, but I’m the kind of person who likes to incorporate a leafy green into every meal.

A drizzle of honey. This balances out the richness of the brie nicely, but again it’s totally optional.

Start by slicing yourself off 2 pieces of sourdough bread. I made my slices thicker because when I put them in my panini press they flattened out, but feel free to slice them as thick or thinly as you’d like. Then you want to toast your two pieces of bread slightly. This will help the bread from getting soggy and will help to keep your sandwich together.


Next you need to cut up some of the brie. You don’t need a lot at all because it is very rich. If you’ve never worked with brie before, the white rind on the outside can look pretty intimidating. While the rind is edible, I chose to take it off for my sandwich. You want to cut thin slices of brie to be sure that they melt completely.

sliced brie

Now it’s time to slice up your apple. Remember, it should be small because you won’t need very much for a single sandwich. I cored my apple and then cut each slice into 3 very thin slices. If you cut the slices too thickly, the apple flavor is going to overtake the brie. You want to have a nice balance between the two.

cut apples

Unless you’re planning on making a sandwich that’s almost entirely apple, you will no doubt have some apple left over. Put these leftovers off to the side to snack on later while thumbing through your copy of Trim Magazine!

Then you want to lay your fresh ingredients on the sandwich


I topped it with spinach, a drizzle of honey, and some freshly ground pepper


You’re more than halfway to taste-bud heaven! Close that bad boy up and get ready to cook! I conveniently had a panini press and was able to cook my grilled cheese in it, but this recipe is super easy to make in a frying pan on the stove as well! Use a nonstick pan and be sure to grease it with either butter or cooking spray. Then put the pan on the stove at medium heat. You want to cook your grilled cheese evenly on both sides until the bread is a golden brown and your cheese is melted.


Voilà! Now I can’t take all the credit for this recipe (my darling boyfriend was the one who suggested it), but I can promise you that this will be the most delicious grilled cheese you eat today. It’s perfect for showing off your culinary skills without doing anything too fancy or complicated.

What’s your favorite “twist on an old favorite” recipe? Tell us on our Facebook page or by tweeting us @TrimMagazine

Merry Munching! xo

Hannah Gerber

Instagram: Han_nahg

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