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Top 5: Websites to Help You Procrastinate


As the night is coming to an end, and you start to lose track of your hours in the library, you begin to crave one thing… a way to procrastinate. Unfortunately, I am the master of procrastinating, and through my experience I have found some of the best websites to help you procrastinate. Some are stimulating and some are for a great laugh, but either way, a good ten minute break never hurt anyone, so take a deep breath, close the text book, and click on a link, enjoy.

1. BuzzFeed –

BuzzFeed serves the purpose of a good laugh or a jaw dropping discovery. Never knew that the Rugrats was all a dream of one of the main characters? Or, that Channing Tatum’s face can look like 10 different kinds of potatoes? BuzzFeed has it all right in the pages and all categorized by the emotion it intends to draw out of you.

2. Thought Catalog –

Similar to how you enjoy me rambling on and on in my posts, you can sit and enjoy the stream of consciousness of many other bloggers. From life, to love, to college – Thought Catalog explores all the parts of life that you have ever experienced, putting them into sentimental or humorous excerpts.

3. Elite Daily –

Elite Daily is the go-to news source for Generation Y. Explaining all of our superficial wants, needs, and desires through humorous videos and pictures, Elite daily provides articles to satisfy anyone’s superficial sweet tooth.

4. Upworthy –

This is a new one that I’ve recently stumbled upon. Having more of a sentimental feel, this website will warm your heart with stories and videos that are worth spreading, or “unworthy”.

5. Ted –

Last but not least, my new favorite. I was shown a TED talk in my Cultural Anthropology class this past week and ever since then I can’t stop watching these videos. Educated or talented people put on a short presentation about a social, cultural, biological, or artistic idea that they feel is important today. They are truly fascinating. I want to share my favorite one so far; being that I am obsessed with fashion and anthropology, Aimee Mullins’s Ted Talk on her disability and the fashion world’s reaction is truly amazing. Check it out here:


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