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Turn Up Halloween 2013

Firstly, Trim Magazine is hosting a Halloween costume contest!! Halloweekend is a time for people to dress as they please and receive some serious kudos for it. So we’re giving you the chance to send us your Halloween costume. Simply tweet or instagram a picture of your creation to @TrimMagazine. Prizes rewarded to the winner!!!

Every year we face the issue of finding a costume that we love and can wear comfortably in the freezing cold. Although, lately we have been having an awesome Fall, so hopefully the weather holds up for every maniac’s favorite holiday. You have two choices: you can either take a trip to your local Halloween store and be the typical police officer, ladybug, or school girl OR you can be creative and be something different and original.

One of my best Halloween memories is when my two guy friends and I dressed up as the cast from Pulp Fiction. I was obviously Uma Thurman and got to rock an awesome wig. I’ve never seen a costume receive such great praise and ever since then I’ve always wanted to stick to something different, it’s so much more fun! So now you’re probably stuck wondering what exactly could you be for Halloween because it involves you having to go out to a store and pick out props and such. One way to start is to stop by your local Halloween store and go straight to the section where they sell all of the costume props separately. The sort of things they have will spur a lot of inspiration! If you want to go REALLY far, then check out Heidi Klum’s past Halloween costumes. Her’s are always over-the-top and awesome.

I’m almost positive that the most popular costumes this year will be the one and only Heisenberg and of course, Miley Cyrus. So if you can get creative with that then go for it.

However, if you’re really stuck then I’ve researched some awesome costume ideas that will help get you started.

Girl Costumes:

girl costumes

Also, one of our bloggers recreated an awesome Medusa costume for you guys!

diy medusa

Boy Costumes:

boy costumes

boy costume 4 diy

These are only some of the cool ideas I found. Take advantage of Google and your own creativity and you can make something awesome!




xo Samira Elkhoury

twitter: @meeeeezyy

instagram: @selk8


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