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Swank Revolution by Sheldon Nguyen

“Yo, that’s $50 for a t-shirt.”



This ancient proverb illustrates a devastating crisis that is plaguing our society. Let’s start a revolution and change the way we think. From now on, we will not brag about how expensive our clothes are. (‘Cause let’s face it, fellas, we’ve got dates to pay for, and food/alcohol to buy, and FIFA 14/GTA V just came out.) Instead, we will swank about how little we paid. And how we still look better than you do. Become a part of the movement.

Here’s the only rule:

1) No single item shall cost more than $30.

It’s true. I’ve never bought an item of clothing or accessory for over $30. And even though they say a true magician never reveals his tricks, I’ve seen too many guys overspending on clothes. So here are my secrets on how to stay savvy:

~Never buy anything at full price. In fact, immediately head towards the sale section of any store you enter because that item you really want will eventually go on sale. Just be patient.

~When shopping online, do the same. Click the sale section (usually at the top navigation bar or along a margin menu) and sort by price from low to high. This will instantly give you the cheapest items and once you’ve scrolled down past the items that are $30, you’ll know to stop looking.

~Check your online sources daily. Websites update often, so spend a moment every day browsing your favorite retailers to steal their new inventory first. It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to do so.

~Subscribe to e-mailing lists to be the first to know about new deals.

Here’s a list of places we can take this revolution:

menswear 1

http://us.cottonon. com/shop/men/sale/?sort=_unit_price_usd

One of my all-time favorite stores/websites, this mix between H&M and PacSun has items for any type of style. From cheap basics to shoes and jackets, you can find amazing steals here. Check out this portion of today’s sale section. This entire page combined is cheaper than just one shirt at competing stores.

menswear 2

This online retailer provides a huge selection of high-end, European-inspired styles for cheap, and the best part: free shipping! Here are some great jeans currently being offered. (Skinny, slim, or straight, whichever you prefer.)

menswear 4

menswear 5

      A lot of dudes think this store is only for girls. Don’t be afraid to explore places that are out of your comfort zone. As long as you look cool and get good deals, it doesn’t matter where you got the clothes. Look at these steals from today’s online clearance. Yes, that is in fact an additional 50% off the price in red.

menswear 6

menswear 7


2){“filters”: [], “page”:1, “pageSize”:100, “sort”:”CurrentPrice”, “view”:4}



These places aren’t just for skaters and surfers anymore. They’ve actually made a sick transition into the general men’s fashion game. Check ‘em out in almost every mall. They often have BOGO (buy-one-get-one) deals that’ll help you haul in even more gear.

menswear 8

These sites are what I call the “big dogs” of online clothing. Why? Their selection and pricing are unparalleled, and membership is required. Luckily for you, I’ve provided some personal invites below. (If you join using those links and make a purchase, you’ll help me save money, so go!). Both PLNDR and Jack Threads specialize in “flash sales,” specific deals—sorted by brand, clothing category, color, size, etc.—that last for only a short period of time. You’ve gotta be on your toes, but it’s definitely worth it.


Jack Threads:

menswear 9

Everyone’s heard of H&M. But what you may not know is that you can receive discounts just by downloading an app onto your smartphone. Wrapp allows you and your friends to exchange FREE gift cards and coupons. The promotion offered by H&M is a $6 gift card, but other stores like American Apparel and Tommy Hilfiger are also featured on the app. I swear this isn’t a scam.

Download it here:



menswear 10

This website has the same budget-conscious philosophy as I do: cheap, but stylish. You’re gonna be kicking yourself for buying that $50 pair of jeans after you check it out. They even have raw denim! And don’t be fooled by the name, this site includes tops, accessories, and formalwear. To top it off, they have a look-book for inspiration ( and an awesome blog ( Here are some selections from their accessories catalog:

menswear 11

menswear 12!/mens-shoes~s?s=price/asc

This can be your go-to destination for kicks. They offer every style imaginable from sneakers, to boots, to dress shoes. Gigantic selection, brand names, low prices. Here are some clean, versatile pieces for this fall:

menswear 13

menswear 14




I never make a purchase without checking these 3 discount sites first. They’ll keep you updated on current promotions and provide you with coupon codes. Don’t forget to go here for all items, not just clothing.

That’s it, dudes. You’ve just learned the secrets to saving money, while still looking dope/trill/$w@agged out/whatever else the kids are saying these days. Remember, it’s all about persistence and patience. The pursuit for the perfect wardrobe is never-ending, but don’t force any purchases. Think of it as a competition against your bros. Who can find the best deals? Let the games begin!

Sheldon Nguyen


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