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What’s In Your Purse?

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I’m basically your typical workaholic and the college girl that’s always got something planned to keep herself busy. Being out of my dorm means I have to have everything prepared for my adventures ahead for the day! Here are the essentials that I keep in my handbag at all times:


  1. Cell phone – This device pretty much holds my life. It has my emails and texts for all of my important notifications and it keeps me in touch with others. Some of my fondest memories captured on my phone camera are also held in it for when I miss my friends or am having a bad day.

  2. Cardigan – I have probably the lowest chill-tolerance in the world. I am always cold even if it is the summer time! I keep an extra cardigan in my bag just in case so I can drape it over myself to make me feel toasty-warm again!

  3. Planner – Recently, I’ve started carrying a planner around with me, and let me just say that it saves my life. With the busy life of being a college student, it’s important for me to document appointments and reminders in my planner. I’m constantly checking it everyday to make sure I never miss a moment of my schedule!

  4. Gum – It’s rare to not see a pack of gum in my purse. I think it’s great to chew when you’re hungry and have nothing to turn to, plus you can never be too cautious about having a minty fresh breath!

  5. Headphones – I live off of my music. Whatever mood I’m in, I can always turn to some tunes to cheer me up and keep me feeling confident! I just plug my headphones in and I’m off into another world!

  6. Chapstick – Nothing upsets me more than having dried, chapped lips. It’s unappealing and necessary to keep your lips moisturized! Give them a little love with some chapstick every now and then throughout the day.

  7. Sunglasses – My cat-eyed sunnies are my favorite accessory right now. I can never go wrong with slipping them on. Uv protective and stylish!

  8. Hair ties – I hate when my hair gets in the way of some things, especially when I’m working. Keeping extra hair ties in my bag allows me to just put my hair up and continue to diligently work!

  9. Water Bottle – I go through water bottles like it’s nobody’s business. Because I’m always on the go, it’s important that I do not get dehydrated. And besides nothing is more satisfying than the taste of crisp water!

  10. Tissues – You never know when you need a tissue for your issue! The case of sniffles or allergies can really be a bugger. I’m always prepared with my mini to-go tissue pack!


Live Simply,


Jenn Kim


Twitter: @Jenn_Kimx
Instagram: Jenn_Kimx


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