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Grab n’ Go Healthy Snacks

It’s that time of year again…midterms. YAY (….maybe not). With lack of sleep, missing the bus to class, or spending hours on end at the library, who has the time to sit down a have a proper meal? I know that I usually survive during the day by relying on snacks that I can quickly grab and run out the door with. Here are some suggestions for grab n go snacks that are delicious and healthy!


  1. Any fruit…particularly apples, pears and bananas. These fruits provide you with vital vitamins, natural sugars, and fiber that your body needs daily to keep you energized and alert throughout your busy days. Also, they aren’t messy to eat! And most of all…they’re delicious!


  1. Tribe Hummus Snackers and carrots/celery “to-go” packs. The hummus as 130 calories, no sugar and 9 grams of fat total. Pair that with some carrots or celery and you have a perfect snack to eat while you’re on a bus or even sitting in class! Plus you get one of your daily servings of veggies!


  1. A container of greek yogurt…particularly the Oikos brand. Personally, I’ve found that this brand is the most natural and has the least sugars and calories. My suggestion is to either buy the nonfat plain flavor, or the nonfat honey flavor, if you need a little bit of sweetness.


  1. Nut mix! Nuts like peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pistachios and almonds have essential oils and fibers that your body needs. Almonds especially! And best of all is that they are super filling. Nuts have so many benefits it’s so easy to put them in a little zip bag and munch on them on the way to wherever you have to go!


  1. Fruit pouches!!! The brand Peter Rabbit Organics has fruit pouches that are natural and healthy, at only 80 calories a pouch, with no sodium, no fats and sugars that only come from the fruits. These fruits pouches come in different flavors like mango, banana, orange or strawberry, banana. They even have veggie blends…and you may think thats not very pleasant to the tongue…but they’re actually REALLY good.


  1. Rice cakes. Quaker has many different rice cake product. Their whole rice cakes come in flavors like apple-cinnamon, chocolate crunch, and white cheddar. My personal favorite though is to take a salt-free rice take and spread a teaspoon of natural peanut butter or half a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese on it. Also, they have mini rice cakes that come in snack packs called Popped Snacks and Popped Chips, which are sold in similar flavors.


  1. Granola bars. The epitome of grab ‘n’ go snacks. Some really healthy and tasty bars are Kind Bars, Kashi and Cascadian Farms!


So there you have it. Here are a week’s worth of healthy grab ‘n’ go snacks that’ll keep you energized during the day and keep your brain running at night!


Ruchi Sherikar


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