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Behind-The-Scenes: Kathryn Rambo Designs

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You’re all in for a very special treat today. This past week Trim kicked off the making of our 4th issue with a fun photo shoot at Hasty Acres Riding Club. I don’ t mean to sound biased, but this had to be my favorite shoot so far, not only because the team worked with live horses or because the model, makeup artist, and horse trainer were so friendly and passionate, but the talented designer, Kathryn Rambo, is from my very own hometown. What we have in store for you today is a behind-the-scenes look at one of our main shoots for the upcoming issue, as well as an interview with the designer herself.

To first give you a little insight into the designs, I sat down with designer Kathryn Rambo to hear her inspirations and aspirations for the future.

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Kathryn Rambo, 20, graduated from Easton Area High School (Go Rovers!) in 2011. From there, she went on to follow her dream of becoming a Fashion Couturier Designer by attending Parsons New School of Design in New York City where she double majors in Fashion Design (at Parsons) and Psychology (at Eugene Lang College).

Marisa Flacks: What made you pick fashion design? How long have you been designing?

Kathryn Rambo: I actually only decided to go to design school junior year of high school when applying for colleges. Fashion design always felt like one of those dream jobs that kids have (like being a rockstar) but it wasn’t something attainable. I visited Parsons on a fluke and fell in love- before that I was on the fast track for Med school, a total flip flop I know. For me, I love fashion because it requires brains but it still incredibly creative. I definitely realized I had a design eye when I was pretty young- I would make clothing for my barbies and make their doll houses from scratch. Having a grandmother who owned a vintage clothing store and a grandfather who owned an art gallery kind of sets you up to be on the creative path. In high school I spent a summer studying under the jewelry designer for Oscar de la Renta which was an incredible experience, but I knew that accessories weren’t exactly my passion. I would say I’ve been crudely designing all my life, but Parsons definitely kicks you into shape and gets you designing each and everyday.

MF: Where do you get most of your inspiration?

KR: My inspiration generally stems from my everyday life and experiences. New York is filled with different surprises around every corner, which is helpful. My inspiration can come from the simplest experiences or the most obscure. The last collection I did over summer was based off a line from an Ovid poem I was reading (secretly, I’m a total Latin/Greek nerd). My most current collection I’m working on right now is inspired by New Orleans, which I’ve been visiting on a regular basis this past year, it is another incredible place filled with creative people.

MF: How would you describe your personal style?

KR: My style is very classic, yet relaxed. There is nothing more magical than a good pair of black cigarette pants, a big white button down and some red lipstick. Black is definitely a staple in my closet, as it is in any New Yorker’s. One thing you learn as a designer is that although you are designing for specific seasons and trying to be the next big thing, the best way to dress yourself is in a classic, simple manner and to let your designs be your voice and point of view.

MF: How would your describe your design aesthetic?

KR: I think I have a unique style in that I maintain some of the classic shapes that are tried and true, while still infusing them with a modern edge. Ideally, the woman I design for is a sexy, empowered woman, who can take care of herself. I love playing around with pattern and texture, as well as changing design lines in a classic garment to make it new and interesting. I also have a secret passion for lingerie design, and do custom corsetry on the side sometimes for extra money.

MF: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

KR: My dream is to go to Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale in Paris after I graduate from the New School to study couture design and techniques from the masters.

MF: What’s your dream job?

KR: My dream job would be to design for a couture house in Paris like Gaultier, Givenchy or Dior. It’s hard for Americans to break into the French tradition of couture, but I think Alexander Wang broke barriers when he stepped up as head designer as Balenciaga. I would love to follow in his footsteps.

MF: What’s your favorite Instagrams to follow/ blogs/ websites?

1. I’m obsessed with model Cara Delevingne, so her instagram is definitely at the top of my list.

2. Stylist Kate Young (@kystyle), she is also an Easton native and Lafayette College alum which is super inspiring to me to see people from your home town succeeding.

3. Stylist Marina Muñoz (@marinamunoz13) who is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met, I had the pleasure of working with her on the Chadwick Bell SS14 show this past September.

I read and WWD religiously everyday, as well as make time to check on the Ciel Mon Press Office’s tumblr once in awhile ( – its like whatshouldwecallme for fashion, it’s great!) Otherwise, I love keeping up with all my classmates instagrams/facebooks/websites, its so encouraging to be surrounded by highly talented and creative people everyday. Watching them follow their passions definitely inspires me to follow mine, and pushes me to work my butt off to get as many opportunities as I can- like having the chance to work with Trim Magazine!

Now that you’ve had a look into the mind of our talented designer, let’s take a look at her designs and the art that was created when combined with Co Editor-In-Chief Lauren Nester’s camera.


Our Fashion Director, Michelle Kim, dressing Nicky in her first look.


Lauren Nester Shooting our first look.


Kathryn’s second look – a beautifully designed black gown.

Lauren Nester shooting Kathryn's second look.

Lauren Nester shooting Kathryn’s second look.

I'm obsessed with these leather paneled shorts.

I’m obsessed with these leather paneled shorts.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.13.51 PM

Now that you’re probably drooling as much as we were, try and contain your excitement until the release of our 4th issue, where you will be able to see the full spread in all of its’ beauty. For now, if you want to check out more of Kathryn’s designs you can visit her website at


Marisa Flacks

Instagram: mquacks


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