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What’s In Your Purse?

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Train tickets: So this may be a little weird but I always keep train tickets in my bag. I usually always have a set for going home to Bergen County and a set for the city. I have this weird fear when it comes to being late for trains, I don’t know why, it just stresses me out. I always carry tickets in case I’m running late; I can skip the line for a ticket machine.


Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm: This is my crack. In fact, I think I have two of them currently in my purse. It’s just a good classic lip balm that moisturizes lips and the fact that it tastes like strawberries makes it 1000x better.


Headphones: Pretty Self Explanatory. If I’m by myself going anywhere: on a walk, to the bus, to class, etc. I NEED to be listening to music. They are dark, dark days when I forget to put my headphones in my purse. I basically freak out.


Tocca mini perfume: I own a bunch of these cute little baby sized Tocca perfumes so I make sure I always keep one in my bag. They smell AMAZING, all of them. I swear. Plus, the packaging is really elegant and pretty. They fit inside a purse really easily and are very convenient when you need to smell refreshed. My favorite ones are Colette, Bianca, and Cleopatra.


 MAC Lipstick: So I’m a mac lipstick junkie. I always carry one around where I’m currently wearing it or not. I usually carry hue which is an everyday nude color for me. I also carry around Ruby Woo quite frequently which is the total opposite, bright red lipstick. The brighter the better I always say.


Gift-cards: the one thing I can almost guarantee is ALWAYS in my purse is an assortment of gift-cards. Half of them are probably expired but I carry them around anyway. I have a serious gift-card problem. When I get one, I can’t spend it. I always hang onto them thinking “What if I use it and regret it next time I see something when I shop?!” As if it is this major life crisis decision; To me it is I guess. So, conclusion: Insane amounts of half used/full/expired gift-cards from over the years lie at the bottom of my bag waiting to be spent.


Sunglasses: Always got to have a pair. Enough said.


Granola bar: I always carry one along with a bottle of water because let’s face it, I never stop eating. Even when I’m out and about, I need to have a snack on me.


Hand lotion: I am addicted to putting on hand lotion. I always carry a mini-bottle around with me and I go through it so, so quickly. It’s just a habit, I guess. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m putting it on, or I put it every five seconds. Hey, at least I don’t get dry hands in the winter. Right now I’m loving Hand Food by Soap and Glory. It smells delicious.


Canadian coins: Currently in my bag, I have a sack of Canadian coins. I went to Montreal with my friends over the summer and have yet to convert my left-over money back to US coins. So for now, I am stuck with a bunch of money I can’t even use. If you are going to Canada anytime soon and need to get going on your coin collection, I’m your girl.


Eyeliner: EYELINER. ALWAYS. I do not leave the house without eyeliner on my eyes and extra in my purse (yes I am one of those girls). Can’t live without it. Currently I have Eyeko Black Liquid Eyeliner which I would definitely recommend.


So now that you have gotten through the long list of items in my purse, you now probably realize me for the crazed individual that I am. Not denying. Go check out the other “What’s in my Bag” posts! While you are at it, read all the blog posts. Have a swell week!


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