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TGIF (Thank God It’s Fall) Nails

TGIF, Trim readers!

Autumn means chunky sweaters, knee-high boots, and PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes..for those of you who don’t know). It also means that we can finally wear warm colored nail polish without looking too goth. I’m going to be honest here, who else was starting to get a headache from neon yellow and bright pink polishes?
Today we’re featuring our favorite fall colors that are essential to have in every girl’s nail polish stash.
One of my favorite colors from OPI’s Fall 2013 San Francisco collection is “It’s all San Andreas’s fault”. This liquid sand polish is so cool because it adds texture to what would be an ordinary taupe color. Your nails have a grainy texture, which is so different from other nail polishes. Try out the liquid sand nail polishes to change up your manicures.
Where to buy: eBay
Try a matte top coat over your favorite fall colors. Matte nails aren’t too flashy, yet they can make a big fashion statement. I love these matte gray nails–the flat finish gives the color a classy look. I like to use Revlon matte top coat to give any nail polish a matte finish.
Where to buy: Ulta Beauty
Essie Polish Fall 2013 Collection   “For The Twill of It”     Just purchased and swatched on 1 nail.     Condition: Like Brand New
I absolutely LOVE this color (For the Twill of it) from Essie’s Fall 2013 line! This iridescent color has hints of copper and green and will surely match with all of the colors in your outfits this Fall.
Where to buy: Drugstores (e.g., CVS)
Essie Nail Polish - 846 AFTER SCHOOL BOY BLAZER * Fall 2013 For The Twill Of It on eBay!
If you feel the classic black nail is too dark or too goth for you, try a deep blue. “After School Boy Blazer” from Essie’s Fall 2013 collection is dark but not too dark. You can wear this without having to join a punk-rock band.
Where to buy: Drugstores (e.g., CVS)
Butter London La Moss.
Fall nail polish is incomplete without a sultry red. This color, “La Moss”, by Butter London makes your fingers feel sexy and delicate. It gives the standard bright red nail polish a warm fall overtone, making it a perfect compliment to snuggle sessions on movie night.
Where to buy: Ulta Beauty
When you’re dressing up your outfits for the coming colder weather, don’t forget to dress up your own nails. They are just as important as putting on other accessories.
Have a great weekend, everybody!
Katrina Labayen
Instagram: @katrizzlybear

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