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Trim’s September Favorites

Hello Lovelies,

Happy October! It is officially the start of the best part of the year (In my opinion at least).  I love everything about fall from the clothing, to the holidays, the leaves, everything; but, before I get carried away with October, let’s talk September favorites. This past month I found myself drooling over countless beauty products, clothing items and music, but if I had to pick just a few of my monthly favorites, this would be the narrowed down list:



MAC Plumful Lipstick: Okay so all of you mac junkies out there are probably already familiar with this product, but for me I was late on the plumful jump. This lipstick is the perfect color for fall. After hearing it mentioned in Essiebutton, one of my favorite youtuber’s videos, I knew I had to have it. The name is a tad deceiving, it is not the dark, mysterious, deep plum you would imagine, but rather it is a more natural looking, less dramatic plum pink color that suites everyone, especially for this time of year


Purity Face Cleanser by Philosophy:  I have terrible skin, let’s face it. (See what I did there, ha)I have oily, blotchy, red, acne prone skin and for years now I have tried out every cleanser, cream etc. made for acne prone but then, I came across this gem. Purity by Philosophy is just a gentle everyday cleanser marketed towards normal skin (not problem skin like mine), but let me tell you, this cleanser worked better for my skin than any fancy acne wash did. It clears your face up, leaves your skin oh-so-soft and is  very helpful for taking off make-up. I can’t believe all these years I spent countless paychecks on stupid products that didn’t work when this cleanser was out there all along. I recommend it for all skin types.


DIY Body Scrub Recipe:  For those of you as addicted to pinterest as I am, you may have seen this “silky smooth legs in a bottle” recipe floating around but never had the time to trip it. My advice: JUST DO IT. You won’t regret it. This make at home scrub recipe uses simple ingredients like granulated sugar, lemon juice and other easy finds. It literally was the best scrub I have ever used. Forget those pricey scrubs from Sephora that last for a week and cost you a fortunate. This scrub literally transforms your skin into silk. I swear buy it. I will never buy a scrub again. Check it out:

Websites:  I discovered through none other than pinterest of course, but I fell in love. Those of you familiar with Wanelo, it is the same concept of listing cool, unique products and where you can get them. In my opinion, Keep is the classier, more sophisticated older sister to Wanelo. Some stuff is pricey but you can also find really good deals on whimsical jewelry, creative coffee mugs, and any apartment decoration you can dream of.

Society 6:  Society 6 is basically a gathering of products from amazingly talented artists from across the world. They have everything ranging from prints, phone cases, even tee shirts with original designs by insanely gifted people. Spice up your dorm or apartment with unique pieces from here instead of the same old FRIENDS poster you have had in your room for years (It’s okay, I have one too).  Bianca Green is one of my favorite artists on there.

Thought Catalog:   I used to read thought catalog everyday last fall in between my classes but, somehow I slipped right off that Thought catalog track. This past month though, I kicked started my addiction to this website yet again. This website is my morning coffee. It is how I start my day. It’s a collection of fresh, funny and sometimes heart wrenching pieces written by young writers about a number of topics ranging from top 10 lists, to vignettes about one’s love life to witty articles about pop-culture. This website has everything. You’d be a fool to not check it out. I personally love Chelsea Fagan and Ryan O’Connell.

Mexicali Blues: I randomly came across this website when searching for room decorations for my house this year and I’m glad I did. This store is based in Maine and the website has a lot of really interesting unique clothing and accessories. What really caught my attention was their home décor section. I was on the search for a giant tapestry to hang on my wall like the ones they sell at Urban Outfitters, this website had exactly what I was looking for and for half the price. I ended up with a beautiful massive tapestry that covers my wall and a really cool paper star lantern. Check this site out when looking for unique home decorations!


Anthropologie Candles:  Okay from now on I am done with Yankee Candles.  While browsing through Anthropologie one day I found myself stopping to smell practically every single candle in the store. I couldn’t help it, everything in that store is so adorable and the candles are no execpetion. They have a wide variety of brands and scents and they are all fantastic. I ended up buying two because they smelled so amazing and came in such adorable glass jars. Here is the one I bought but I’m sure you can’t go wrong with any of them; everyone’s scent preference is different.


“Calling and Not Calling My Ex” by: Okkervil River

I honestly don’t know what is wrong with me that it took me so long to listen to Okkervil River , they have been around for a while now but better late than never right? I am obsessed. This song is just one of my many favorites that I have been listening to all month long. They are unlike anything else because so many of their songs are so different from each other. If you are just checking them out for the first time, listen to this song. Let us know what you think.

Listen here:

We hope you enjoyed all of our favorites as much as we did! If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out some of these things, start off October right and explore something new!


Victoria Tripsas


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