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Global Citizen Festival

gcf 1

As I entered the Great Lawn in Central Park, I was astounded to see the sea of energetic people surrounding the Global Citizen stage. The audience was at full capacity of 60,000 people all revolving and supporting the festival’s mission of ending extreme poverty.  The festival started as an informational forum where ambassadors and humanitarians spoke to raise awareness on crucial worldwide issues, which wasn’t limited to just world poverty but issues such as water sanitation, food & hunger, gender equality, diseases and other worldwide affairs.

gcf 2

After the ambassadors and humanitarians spoke, the festival progressed into the music section where a diverse array of performers performed. Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Alicia Keys and Kings of Leon all came out and performed their largest hits in front of the large audience. It may seem a little cliché but my favorite performance was John Mayer where I squealed as a 12 year old girl would squeal for Justin Bieber or One Direction. I was never a huge John Mayer fan, but after Mayer played ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ I was immediately hooked by his first couple strums to his electric guitar. I distinctly remember turning to my left and right to see the reaction of other Global Citizens and they were all seduced by Mayer’s angelic voice and guitar playing skills. Nonetheless, the diverse lineup of performers catered to every music genre.


If you didn’t attend this year’s Global Citizen Festival, I strongly recommend you to go next year! It’s a free festival that raises awareness on worldwide issues and swoons the crowd with amazing performers.

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