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Seventeen Magazine Visits Rutgers

This year Seventeen Magazine celebrates their 10th Anniversary of their College Tour, empowering young women to feel beautiful and confident in their journey through college and furthermore jumpstarting the rest of their professional lives.

Every year Seventeen chooses 5 colleges with a population over 20,000 to visit, bringing large sponsors such as ASOS, Garnier, and Keds. These companies all want to be a part of inspiring young women to follow their dreams, work hard in school, and feel confident in their endeavors. Rutgers was lucky enough to be one of their stops this year. This past Tuesday, with a line around the Livingston Student Center, young women waited patiently to be pampered and win some great prizes, giving them a nice study break as the first round of exams is quickly approaching.

Walking into the tent, the first stop was at the Keds station, which featured shoes and clothing from the brand, as well as a brand ambassador who gave students an insight into interning and the importance of building your resume while in college. The mix of clothes and inspiration was the perfect way to start the event. I, myself, felt very inspired and interested in what Keds and Seventeen was doing for girls my age.

The next stop was the Garnier braiding station. Hairstylists gave girls a fun little twist to their look, while exhibiting which Garnier products would work best for their personal preferences.

Next was the makeup station. Pampering and sparkles took the place of students’ stress and worry for the few minutes they spent in the makeup chair. Tips and tricks accompanied the experience, leaving them ready to experiment and try something new!

SeventeenU 7 (1 of 1) SeventeenU 3 (1 of 1)

As if all of these great sections to the event weren’t enough, students walked out of the event with a goody bag full of amazing products and prizes from very popular sponsors.

SeventeenU 2 (1 of 1) SeventeenU 1 (1 of 1)


All in all, Rutgers was very happy to welcome Seventeen to our campus for a day! The students could not have been more thrilled, and left the event feeling empowered and ready to take on whatever college had to throw at them.

Make sure to check out tips, tricks and news at Seventeen’s college website



Marisa Flacks

Twitter: @mquacks

Instagram: @mquacks

All photos taken by Emily Tantuccio, ;;


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