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Clothing for Your Cut

With fads and styles changing each day, it’s easy to drown amongst the idea of following trends. And that’s the last thing we need as college students. Our busy lifestyles make it nearly impossible to choose one style, and when we do, we’re sometimes unsatisfied with how it looks on us. We’re left with questions like, “Why doesn’t this look as nice on me as it did on that model?” or “This doesn’t suit me.” No need to panic and blame your figure; everyone is beautiful in their own way, just reconsider your choice in clothes instead!

That’s right: many of us do not realize that we simply are not choosing the clothes that best flatter our body shapes. Here are a few tips as to what types of clothes you should wear to make your body look its very best!

  1. Hourglass- Your have a bust most girls envy and hips give you curves in all the right places!

    1. Work with your shape and shake what your momma gave you! Look for V-neck tops that will draw attention to your smaller waist all while accentuating your bust. A belt with the shirt is also your best accessory to really define your waist. Look sexy and feel sexy. Don’t aim for such loose, bulky fabric. Rather, find something light that hugs your figure.

  2. Apple- Again your bust is your best asset, while your tiny hips are your most prized possession.

    1. Work with your bust, not against it. Take advantage of tops that have slouched V-necks to create proper curves for your bust. Textures, embroidering, and patterns are your best friends, because they will slim your body and bring attention to everything you want attention drawn to. Define your waist even further with the use of cardigans, waistcoats, and belts too.

  3. Pear- You’ve got a thin waist and a bottom that’s got all the boys whistlin’.

    1. The ideal goal is the broaden the shoulders to give the illusion that you have an hourglass figure. Keep the bottoms simple, because the main focus should be on the upper body. Meanwhile for tops, choose things with ruffles or outfits that have a little bit of shoulder pads so. Do not be afraid to play with colorful tops as well because that will also brighten up the upper portion of your body, making the shoulders seem broader than they are.

  4. Inverted Triangle- You are the beauty queen with muscular shoulders and slim legs!

    1. Opposite of the pear shape, you want to bring your attention into making your hips and thighs appear larger to balance out your broad shoulders. Try to aim for bottoms that are textured such as peplums, ruffles, pleats, etc. And make sure that the legs are wide to create a larger bottom. Keep the tops light and loose to play down the shoulders. Accessories like small necklaces will also give soften the upper body, so don’t worry about it making the top side look bulkier.

  5. Straight- Your body has the balance of yin and yang: equal bust and hips!

    1. You really want to play up with dimensions with your body shape. Aim for pieces that will bring about curves everywhere. These include things all the other body shapes would wear, combined into one. Look for fun tops that have lots of texture to play up the bust, and as for the bottoms, experiment with different shapes. Your body figure naturally will work with the various styles you choose. Don’t forget to accessorize either—the more the merrier. Just make sure they’re used to define your prominent features.

Regardless of your body shape, you can easily find ways to make yourself look and feel confident. There are countless amounts of things to appreciate about your own body, so do not fuss over not having a certain body type. Nobody is perfect, but your body is. Love it, appreciate it, and embrace it. It’s one of the many perks of being a Rutgers student: we’re all unique in our own ways!

Live simply,

Jenn Kim


Twitter: @Jenn_Kimx

Instagram: Jenn_Kimx



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