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Trend spotting: Knuckle Rings

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First knuckle rings, tea rings, memory rings―whatever you call them, they all describe the same trend; wearing a ring where you usually wouldn’t. Above the knuckle. Before the weather gets a bit too brisk for bare hands, add some flare to yours and try out this hot trend.

Try matching metals for a beautifully complete and uniform look

uniform look

Or try mixing it up a bit for a funkier, rough-around-the-edges kind of look

Funky look

I love first knuckle rings because they add a delicate and elegant touch to any outfit. As someone who doesn’t tend to wear a lot of jewelry, I’m prone to choose simple staple pieces that I can wear with anything.

Here are some of my favorites:

chevron ring

I love love LOVE these chevron rings from DurangoDreamDesigns ( They’re such a unique piece that’s versatile enough to wear with practically anything!

stars,sun moon

These adorable and fun rings from Lotusfairy ( can make any outfit playful. They remind me of the kind of rings you’d get from a 25 cent machine as a kid (which I love)!


These simple “small talk” rings from NastyGal ( are great as a stand-alone piece, and look even better stacked or paired with other rings! They’re so elegant and gorgeous, I can wear them with absolutely anything. Dressed up or down, these rings are perfect for everyday.

seashell ring


Not sure what size ring you should buy to wear at the top of your finger? Simply half your regular ring size (if you’re usually a 6, you’d buy a 3) and violà!

Celebrities At The Lakers Game

Next time you’re looking for a simple, but fun accessory, look no further than an above the knuckle ring, and share your favorite looks and styles with @trimmagazine!

Happy Hunting! xo

Hannah Gerber

Instagram: Han_nahg


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