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What’s In Your Purse?

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As a student constantly on the go, I have created a second home out of my most prized possession: my tote bag. Originally bought for the sole purpose of commuting from Jersey to New York for my internship, it has become an abyss for items that have come in handy at some inopportune times.

1. My Clutch: At first, I just needed a new wallet and I was never a fan of carrying a purse around. I’ve discovered just how much I can fit in this clutch and it really has made juggling my keys, phone and whatever else I may need a whole lot easier. A spot for my cards, license, money, bank receipts — even my phone and chapstick. Whenever I need to, I can snag my clutch because I know it will have everything I need in it for a spontaneous, quick trip.

2. Chapstick: Speaking of necessary items, I am what you call a “chapstick fiend” and I am not ashamed. I will never leave the house without it, and if I happen to do so then you better believe I am turning around. I’ve even resorted to buying a new one at the store when I’ve driven too far from the house to turn around. #isthatweird?

3. Moccasins: As a commuter, I’ve had to endure the utmost random temperature changes without any sort of spare outfit. Especially around this time of year, it goes from hot to cold in a matter of seconds. So after my late nights at the lib, I’ve made sure that I have my moccasins in my bag in case I need to warm up the little piggies.

4. Headphones: For those certain days when I don’t feel like listening to everyone’s side conversations or for a simple pick-me-up, these badboys can turn any day around.

5. Almonds & Water: If anyone has asked me if I’ve had a snack, I’ve always been able to whip out some almonds. It’s impractical to always think you can resort to a vending machine or a cafe for a little snack, or else you will watch your money disappear before your eyes. Almonds are a perfect snack when your stomach starts to do that embarrassing growl in the middle of class and they’re healthy too! Also, water just because I’m human and need it.

6. Sweatshirt: I was not kidding when I said I’ve created a second home out of my bag. Similar to the reason I keep my moccasins in my bag, a comfy, baggy hoodie is perfect for having on hand when I’m feeling chilly. I can always take off layers of clothes off if I get too hot, but nothing is worse than sitting in class, rubbing my arms for warmth– we all know that.


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