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Farewell to Amber Lion Antiques

Two weeks ago, while waiting to catch a EE at the Paterson Street Station, I glanced at the front of Amber Lion Antiques— a shop I’d always seen, but never paid attention to. Located at 356 George Street, Amber Lion Antiques was always a “must” for me as far as New Brunswick shops went, but I’d never found the time to actually go in. Posted on the storefront window was the following sign:

Amber Lion Closing Sign

Although upsetting news, this gave me the incentive I needed to finally go inside and check it out. Rob Marchisotto has been the owner of Amber Lion Antiques for 25 years. He stumbled into the antique business by chance, and it’s a good thing that he did, because Amber Lion is the perfect contrast to the everyday hustle and bustle of George Street. Upon entering, you feel almost overwhelmed at the size of the store in comparison to its tiny storefront.

View From Front Door

Rob’s adorable dog, Roxy, keeps her eye on you as you navigate throughout the different parts of the store.

RoxyStorescape w Roxy

With everything from a 17th century lobster-tail military helmet to vintage clothing and vinyl records, Amber Lion Antiques is full of unique finds for everyone.

Vinyl Records

With the store’s close rapidly approaching, all items in the store are 10-30% off, not to mention the $5 and $10 tables where you can find tiny trinkets perfect for decoration or as gifts well within budget.

$10 Table

$5 Table

Next time you’re looking to kill a couple minutes waiting for that God forsaken EE or you’re just looking for a fun afternoon outing, look no further than Amber Lion Antiques. Be sure to get there soon, though! You don’t want to miss out on this treasure trove.

Happy hunting! xo

Hannah Gerber

Instagram: Han_nahg

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