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Arthur George

Hey, Trim Readers!

Today we’re featuring Arthur George by Robert Kardashian. In keeping with Kardashian tradition, Rob debuted his own fashion line in late 2012. AG is a brand that mixes raw street style with a high end image. Comfortable meets classy in this fashion sock line with the likes of popular labels such as Diamond Supply Co., OBEY, Crooks & Castles, and more.
The inspiration behind Rob’s line is his own middle name, Arthur, and his father’s name, George. The wide array of colorful designs offer a sock that would suit everyone’s taste. His line has expanded from the basic crew to ankles and knee-highs for women. Pairs range around $30 and are sold exclusively on the Arthur George website and at Neiman Marcus. So these socks are affordable and purchasing them wouldn’t make your wallet cry…too much.
Kendall & Kylie Jenner - Arthur George Campaign
I mean, c’mon fellas…don’t tell me this doesn’t make you want to buy a pair so you can keep seeing ads like this.
Guys, here’s an outfit suggestion on how to rock an outlandish print without overdoing it:
Next time you’re looking for a small way to give your outfit a little pop of character, start at the bottom and try some statement socks like these from Arthur George.
Yours Truly,
Katrina Labayen
Instagram: Katrizzlybear

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