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What’s in Your Purse? : Editor’s Edition

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Inside the black hole of Trim’s PR Director, Marisa Flacks’ purse.

1. Hand Sanitizer – When school starts, going to a school with over 50,000 kids, just means that many more germs and opportunities to get sick. Hand sanitizer is super convenient to have especially when you’re running to grab a bite to eat really quick and didn’t have time to wash off your lecture’s desk germs.

2. iPhone – a.k.a my pride and joy/savior/life. As an editor and blogger, having my email and apps readily available makes life a thousand times easier. My friends make fun of me for constantly being on my e-mail like I’m a 35 year old woman, but hey why not prepare myself now 😉

3. Lipstick- As a self-proclaimed chronic-black clothing-wearer, a good plum lip always adds a little something extra to an outfit. This works especially when running from a class too a meeting, giving your look a more professional vibe.

4. Headphones – Music kind of runs my life, and definitely sets my mood for the day. If I’m having a bad day it’s always nice to be able to quickly throw on some great music and feel a little better.

5. Notebook – Ever since the start of this summer, I’ve noticed carrying a notebook around is super helpful. I always find myself needing to quickly jot down quick blog ideas or take down someone’s street style information.

6. Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse – I literally swear by this stuff. It’s perfect for covering up a tiny blemish and lasts all day.

7. Emergen-C – Another great way to prevent getting sick. Even if you’re feeling a cold coming on, just down a water bottle with some of this stuff and you’ll feel better within hours. I always keep this or Vitamin C tablets on me just incase!

8. Urban Outfitters Giftcard – As a fashionista, I am embarrassed to admit that receiving a UO gift card was the first time that I’ve actually ventured into this store. I fell in love with their sale rack and added some pretty amazing pieces to my closet. I know I will definitely become a repeat offender of spending too much money at this store from now on.


Marisa Flacks

Twitter: @mquacks

Instagram: @mquacks


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