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Hump Day: RU! RAH RAH!

Welcome back to Rutgers , everyone!

The sun is shining and the streets are filled with students and freshmen running for a LX bus. Regardless of which graduating class you’re in, there is one thing on all of our minds — The Scarlet Knights first football home game this weekend. Seniors ready to make the best of their last football season, and freshmen eager to find out what a Rutgers tailgate entails. There’s one thing for certain, there’s going to be some serious DIY crafting going on the night before when all of you girls try to turn your basic football t-shirt into a whole new top. I’m talking the way girls cut up their t-shirt to add some fringe, cut-outs, ties all along the sides, what have you. We’ve all been victim to this before, whether it was a success or not. I thought it would be a cool idea to share some DIY tutorials from YouTube that offer awesome ways to change up your shirt.

DIY : Cut t-shirt with bows on the back


DIY: Spinal back cut-out t-shirt


DIY: Shirt laddering – Twist Weave


DIY: Turn a baggy t-shirt into a fitted one


These are only some of the cool ones that I was able to find on YouTube. There are plenty of talented people on that website that can provide a tutorial of whichever design you are wishing to do for your t-shirt.

Whether or not you have the coolest t-shirt in Blue lot, you’re going to have a great time. Hope everyone enjoys the football game! Have fun and stay safe!

~Samira Elkhoury

twitter: @meeeeezyy

instagram: @selk8

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