Back To School Tips

Hey, readers!

Welcome back to school! I have some easy, useful tips to help you stay organized this school year. There won’t be any excuse to miss deadlines with lists, post-its, and calendars.

Make lists
You can stay organized with tasks that you need to get done for class with lists. I know that school will seem overwhelming with the amount of work you have to get done. But, you can ensure that you will finish everything if all your work is written out in front of you.

Use post-its
Post-its are the quickest way to note things that you might be quick to forget. Stick one on your mirror for a quick morning reminder to print that paper out before your 9am class.

Clothesline notes
A cute alternative to writing on plain yellow post-it is hanging up cute cardstock with clothespins on a piece of twine. I would suggest color-coordinating your notes based on priority (red=most important yellow=not that important). This cute way will entice you to do the things you need to get done because you can’t help but just read your notes!

White Board Calendar
Invest in a white board calendar. It allows you to write down when that big paper is due or when you have a date with that cute barista at Starbucks who slipped you his number you’ve been eyeing since forever.

Stay organized and you won’t have to worry about not making deadlines or missing important events.

With love,
Katrina Labayen



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