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Hump Day: Knit Bralette

Hey Trim ladies!

I know you’re all probably busy participating in a rain dance in an attempt to salvage the last week of summer vacation. Hopefully this post will brighten up your day, as you have an entire weekend to look forward to!

Picking out an outfit in the midst of seasons transitioning can be tricky because you’re not sure if you should start going for a more Fall look, rather than summer. I’ve decided that I would suggest a Summer fad that is the cause of our empty wallets and fuels our obsession with wanting to get fit — cropped tops. This sort of top usually gives a summery vibe  and some may think that they can’t pull them off in the Fall. Well, you’re wrong!

I’ve recently fell in love knit bralettes. So in love, that I bought one for my bestie. Knit bralettes are the same concept of a cropped top, but they are usually made with a heavier material — one that you wouldn’t wear in the summer because you would get too dang hot.

I love this top because:

  • even if you’re lacking in the area that it emphasizes, it still looks great,
  • it’s perfect to rock for the transition from Summer to Fall,
  • and you can make it look edgy or flirty depending on the way you dress it.


You can find this top at stores like American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and online sites like Nasty Gal and Tobi.

Hope you all enjoy this top just as much as I do! If you don’t purchase it for this weekend, then make sure it finds its way into your closet somehow because you’ll be happy you have it for the semester.

xo Samira Elkhoury

twitter: @meeeeezyy

instagram: @selk8



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