Authentic Korean Foods

Good evening readers! Keeping up with our study abroad blogger Katrina, we decided to combine her trip with our Food Fridays to bring you a special on authentic korean food! Enjoy!

First off, I would like to introduce you to my favorite korean dish – 비빔밥(bibimbap). Bibimbap is ice with mixed vegetables. The veggies are in slices, placed on top of the rice, and served with hot sauce. Certain bibimbap contain meat. It is served in both cold and hot platings. Korean people usually have cold bibimbap in summer and hot bibimbap in winter. It is a very healthy dish, and more importantly, it’s really yummy. Also, it is not expensive at all!korean 1Cold Bibimbap served with soup and Korean appetizers

korean 2Cold Bibimbap with meat

Next, 삼계탕(Samgyetang)means chicken soup in English. The chicken is stuffed with sticky rice and Sam, a plant that is healthy for you. The stuffed chicken is served with soup, which makes the dish light. Because it is cooked with Sam, the healthy plant mentioned above, Samgyetang is another healthy Korean dish. Koreans love eating them even in the hot of summer time. To be honest, I am not really a fan of Samgyetang because the sam is bitter, which gives the whole dish a hint of bitterness. However, it is a famous Korean dish and it’s really good for your health. Therefore I really recommend you to try at least it once!korean 3Samgyetang served in the type of pot that is widely used by Korean people. The pot can keep the food hot. While the chicken can appear raw, have no fear, it is fully cooked.

찜닭(jjimdak) is another traditional Korean steamed chicken dish. The chicken is cut into small pieces and cooked with various vegetables, as well as noodles. The chewy noodles and the chicken make a great combination with the spicy sauce. The dish reflects how healthy Korean food is. Koreans put various kind of vegetables in their food, even though the focus of the dish is the chicken. Also, The veggies taste really delicious with the sauce. My friends and I haven’t had jjimdak before. I went to the restaurant with 3 other friends and we finished the whole dish (which is one whole chicken). You can see how delicious jjimdak is!korean 4Jjimdak: it tastes a lot more delicious than it looks!

김밤(Gimbap) is seaweed rice roll. It is one of the most popuslar Korean dishes, majority of the local restaurants sell it. It is very similar to Japanese sushi; the difference is the rice is rolled with several veggies, like kimchi, pickles, and sometimes meat. It is definitely a lot healthier than sushi. Korean people eat gimbap as lunch or snacks. If you are looking for something light for lunch, gimbap is the right dish for sure.

korean 5

Pork Gimbap – be careful, Gimbap is really addictive!

Lastly, I am going to introduce to you my favourite Korean dessert, which is called 빙수(bingsu). I am having bingsu almost everyday after dinner. bingsu means shaved ice dessert in English. There are different kinds of bingsu in Korea, for example red bean bingsu, mango bingsu, and green tea bingsu. It’s usually served with ice cream on top. As seoul is so hot and humid, the locals love to have bingsu during summer in order to cool themselves down. Almost all cafes in Weoul sell bingsu during summer time. The prices and favors vary from cafe to cafe. But still, It’s the perfect dessert for summer!

korean 6

Red bean bingsu with korean rice cake on top. The shaved ice is made of milk instead of water, which makes the whole dish a lot tastier!

korean 7  Mango bingsu with mango ice cream on top.

korean 8Cookies bingsu with cookies and cream ice cream on top.




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