Hello, our lovely readers!

You guys are in for a treat because today marks our 100th blog post. To say “Happy 100th”, the blog team has compiled a list of one hundred things [we think] you must do before you graduate Rutgers.  If you can complete a majority of this list by the time you walk at graduation, you can pat yourself on the back and consider your Rutgers experience well-lived.

rutgers arch

Challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Make unforgettable memories that you will be retelling for the rest of your life. Isn’t that what college is about?

Now presenting (in no particular order)…

Top 100 Things to Do Before Graduating Rutgers

  1. Eat a fat sandwich
  2. Study abroad and explore the amazing world around us
  3. Eat at all the 4 dining halls, at least once. (Yes, even Brower…just to say that you’ve experienced its’ wrath.)
  4. Attend the homecoming football game with your friends…don’t forget to tailgate!
  5. Do item #4 while showing ridiculous school spirit: wear Rutgers gear, paint your face, bring a foam finger. Don’t be embarrassed. RU RAH RAH!
  6. Join a club…or two or three
  7. Discover what interests you. Go to as many clubs and experience as many things as you need to find what is right for you.
  8. Introduce yourself to a person sitting next to you in a big lecture class. Don’t be shy, you never know where you’ll meet your next best friend or even your future spouse.
  9. Eat as much as you can on Neptune Night…and the day after with all the leftover lobsters.
  10. Experience every themed nights at the dining hall: Neptune Night, Boardwalk Night, Midnight Breakfast, etc.
  11. Ride the drunk bus and do the Rutgers chant with the whole bus, or maybe even start one yourself!
  12. Go to a concert sponsored by RUPA (There’s one per semester!)
  13. Participate in the Homecoming Bed Races.
  14. Have a picnic by Passion Puddle. Yes, why not be that cheesy couple.
  15. Eat a boli at Stuff Yer Face.
  16. Pick up a FREE donut and hot apple cider in the Fall semester from tents set up all around campus. What college student doesn’t enjoy free things?
  17. Run the Big Chill.
  18. Take a REC class…Flirty Girl Fitness anyone?
  19. Climb the rock wall at the College Ave. Gym, or take a few hits in the boxing gym.
  20. Eat Skinny Vinnie’s on a late Friday night, forget the calories, it’s worth it!
  21. Ride an LX and get a motivational speech from Stan at the same time, he may even give you a hug!
  22. Eat at the Rutgers Club.
  23. Participate in RU Dance Marathon.
  24. Walk the Kissing bridge on Douglass.
  25. Go to the observatory on Busch (open every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month)
  26. See a Mason Gross dance or theater production, we have some really talented students!
  27. Get Chipotle and Starbucks because: Chipotle + Starbucks = always a great pair
  28. Go out in NYC, miss your train, and wait for the first train back to New Brunswick. (This has happened to more than one of us).
  29. Do a Bar Crawl down Easton Ave.
  30. Take a walk/run through Johnson Park (the park just off of Route 18)
  31. Go sledding on dining hall trays, or create a slip and slide out of garbage bags!
  32. Sit on a College Ave. bench on the first warm day of the spring semester and people-watch. It’s truly amazing to watch campus come alive.
  33. Try a Stuff Yer Face fishbowl, and stuff your face with as many as you and your friends can down.
  34. Go to a sporting event other than a football game (Try a rugby game!)
  35. Attend the Zimmerli Masquerade Ball
  36. Go to office hours and get to know at least ONE professor.
  37. Make Dean’s list for at least one semester.
  38. Take a picture with the Scarlet Knight, or even figure out who the scarlet knight is (hint hint he works at The Rock on Livingston)
  39. Take a trip to the Zimmerli Art Museum and actually appreciate the art.
  40. Go on a road trip with your best friends, what would college be without one of those?
  41. Participate in a community service trip over break one year.
  42. Put a meal swipe to good use at the Rutgers Knight Wagon.
  43. Donate extra swipes to the Africa charity.
  44. Befriend the dining hall staff, including Mama Brower and Nancy from Busch dining hall.
  45. Get a job,
  46. … and try to save SOME money.
  47. Invite your parents to a football game! (warn them ahead of time just how crazy it can be!)
  48. Actually participate in parent’s weekend.
  49. Work hard at an internship even though you may not be getting paid. You will learn more than you ever expected, and knowledge is sometimes more valuable than a pay check.
  50. Go out even when you have that 8am presentation the next day
  51. Join Greek Life
  52. Have a typical college spring break that you will remember (or not remember) for the rest of your life.
  53. Learn how to cook for yourself (and maybe others if they are lucky!)
  54. Consider becoming an RA and reap the benefits of free housing.
  55. Skip class. Just do it.
  56. Day drink in the spring semester just because the beautiful weather calls for it.
  57. …and then go to class after day drinking, you’ll find that class a lot more interesting than you ever imagined 😉
  58. Say hi to your freshman year RA when you see them on campus even if it might be awkward.
  59. Convince your little brother/sister/cousin to come to RU and show them a good time.
  60. Have your picture in a newspaper or magazine.
  61. Learn a new language. It’s college, a time for learning, so why not?!
  62. Finally master all the Greek letters when referring to frats/sororities.
  63. Help a lost freshman the first month of school. They will be thankful you did.
  64. Finally learn your limits when it comes to drinking with your friends (even if you learn it the hard way!)
  65. Take part in a student protest for something you feel strongly about
  66. Do a walk of shame. And be proud of it.
  67. Sneak into the football stadium (don’t get caught!)
  68. Get thrown up in the air during a football game when our team scores a touchdown.
  69. Get dressed and go out on Halloweekend, or if you’re lucky it will be Homecoming Hurricane Halloweekend, a.k.a the greatest weekend of your life.
  70. Place an “R” magnet on every single car in your family.
  71. Manage to go all 4 years without having the ‘R’ stolen off your car.
  72. Give everyone in your family Rutgers clothes/gifts for the holidays. My dad still wears his every time I see him…
  73. Be open to new experience and new people, because Rutgers has TONS of those.
  74. … Maybe you will even get a husband/wife out of it!
  75. Take a shot with a professor.
  76. Do something mildly illegal or risqué in a library.
  77. Give a meal swipe to help feed the homeless of NB.
  78. Ride shopping carts down the aisles during Target night
  79. Come home for break a day early and surprise your family.
  80. Spill ice cream outside of Brower. Everyone else did it!
  81. Rent a house off-campus and live with friends
  82. Attend a music festival that includes camping.
  83. Turn off your cell phone for one day and just walk around campus appreciating every little thing you see.
  84. Donate blood and receive another free RU t-shirt.
  85. Drink in the dining hall one Saturday morning.
  86. Meet someone famous.
  87. Complete the fat sandwich challenge and have a sandwich named after you.
  88. Establish a signature dance move.
  89. Run into a person that you met on last night’s drunken adventure on the bus and hope you both remember the hilarious experience.
  90. Write a paper drunk. Edit sober the next day.
  91. Boycott the expensive school bookstore and buy all your textbooks from students on Facebook.
  92. Go out for $2 Tuesday
  93. Attend an underground concert in someone’s basement in NB.
  94. Fill plastic cups with water and line your dorm floor’s main hall with them.
  95. Mourn the fact that you can never go to another Rutgersfest by creating your own Rutgersgest or “Delafest”.
  96. Or if you want to be a little more productive, volunteer at Rutgers Day instead.
  97. Get lost trying to find your classroom in Lucy Stone Hall, and possibly meet your new best friend.
  98. Give in to the campus-wide advertising and attend Bhakti club’s Sacred Sounds.
  99. Take out your earphones one day and start up a conversation with a stranger on a bus ride.
  100. Find a passion and stick with it! Even if it’s not career-oriented at all!

And just because you will not be able to avoid this, we have created a super-special #101.

101. Get RUScrewed…in every way possible (by WebReg, by the financial aid office, by housing, etc.)


With the new school year about to start, challenge yourself to check a few things off this list each semester. Remember that attending Rutgers (or any college, for that matter) is more than going to classes and taking exams. This list encompasses that “more” part. Be “more” this year so that you can look back on your Rutgers years as one of the best times in your life.

So from the bottom of our hearts, the Trim crew would like to thank all of our readers for supporting us. Here’s to another 100 posts!

In keeping with the theme of 100, here are a few more “100s lists” to check out…

With love,

Katrina Labayen

Instagram: @katrizzlybear



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