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Menswear Mondays: Tank Tops

Happy Monday Boys!

So recently I was listening to the radio and heard the hosts get into a debate about whether or not it is acceptable for a man to wear a tank top out in public, whether they were on a date, meeting their girlfriends parents, or a family picnic…Is a tank top acceptable for a guy to wear? Now of course the beach is an exception, but even some clubs and bars down the shore don’t allow men to enter if they don’t have sleeves on their shirts. This has become somewhat of a controversial topic, so I thought as a fashion lover, I would give my advice on this issue.

Personally, I feel that in the summer time it is a normal thing for guys to throw on a quick tank top and run out with their boys. Whether they’re throwing on a gym tank top or going skateboarding with their friends, tank tops are easy to move in and a little ego boost as they accentuate the arms. While this is an acceptable outfit to wear to play around with their boys or chill on a summer day, there are some important DO’s and DONT’s pertaining to tank tops, especially when around a girlfriend, her family, your own family, or business colleagues. (Also since I gave the girls a BIG do and don’t yesterday, I figured you deserved a little reprimanding too.)

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.17.57 PM

DON’T #1: Song lyrics on a shirt should be left to boy bands and 12-year-old super fan girls.

DON’T #2: You don’t need your shirt to tell the world that 1) you love the jersey shore and want to be Pauly D and 2) that you’re a prick. This is also probably one of the huge reasons why down the shore does not allow guys to wear tank tops into clubs or bars; your personality is all over your shirt.

DON’T #3: All I have to say is please explain to me the need to have a giant animal on your shirt…I’ll never understand.

DON’T #4: Weed plants are only legal in California, Washington, and Colorado…that means it’s a fashion crime to wear them on your body in any other state.

So now that we’ve gotten the most ridiculous and unacceptable ways to wear tank tops in public out of the way…Here are some more modest and acceptable tops you can try.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.29.41 PM

I don’t really have a list of “DO’s” for this one because the pictures pretty much say it all. Picking a mature and demure top will get you a lot more respect. Try mixing two or more colors that tastefully compliment each other, while still adding a little something extra to the shirt. Also, Jimmy Tatro from TFM (Total Frat Move) and “Life According to Jimmy” (on YouTube) along with Serengetee have created tank tops made of solid colors, with one accent pocket. These are also a great option to stay sophisticated and fun.

485432_459083754171093_1745131138_a 644703_406675956096820_629138468_n

So this week, when you’re having a gym rat day and feeling like “Mike the Situation”, please remember that a modest tank top goes a lot further.


Marisa Flacks


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