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Weekly Wears: Legging Laws

It is very rare that I feel the need to actually go out of my way to reprimand someone for their poor fashion choices, but when those choices start to radiate and spread to other people it becomes a problem. Now, as girls, we all love and enjoy the comfort and convenience of a good pair of leggings; however, too many designers have been trying to make their leggings more unique than others lately and the trend has gotten out of hand.

The legging was originally created to wear in the winter to keep your legs warm. As fashion transformed over time they became a staple piece to have in your closet and wear under over-sized sweaters or even with blazers and boots. Those leggings were black and easy to pair with any kind of outfit. Today, I am here to share with you the DO’s and DONT’s of leggings, since today you have many more options when it comes to choosing your pair of leggings.

First… the DONT’s of buying leggings.

DON’T #1: If I have to tell you why it is completely wrong on so many levels to wear leggings with lazer beam eyed cats on them…then we probably have a bigger issue at hand.

DON’T #2: Godzilla is a monstrous animal that should either preside in the wild or on a tv screen….not on your legs.

DON’T #3: I understand the world’s fascination with Shark Week…however that does not give you permission to turn your legs into the Atlantic Ocean for the week.

DON’T #4: Tribal patterns are a big trend right now, however when you wear side-ways stripes it will always give the illusion of a more wide leg, which is not very flattering.

DON’T #5: Food belongs in your fridge, mouth, or stomach….not your pants.

Now that you’re probably scarred for life, here are some better options that will help you regain your sense of hope in humanity…

DO #1: Leather leggings. Leather in general seems to be a big trend this year. These leggings are the perfect way to dress up any casual outfit. Pick out your favorite t-shirt, pair them with some leather leggings and you’ll look a lot less comfortable and a lot more dressed up than you actually are.

DO #2: If you’re not comfortable completely covering yourself in leather, or if you’d like to sport a leather jacket and don’t want to go overboard, try some leather accented leggings. The leather is only in small amounts, leaving you much room for other prints and textures.

DO #3: Accented leggings. These leggings have fun cut outs and accents, perfect for pairing with a skirt or more dressy skirt.

DO #4: Lace leggings. I absolutely love these for winter. I think they’re the perfect way to dress up an oversized sweater or a plain fall colored skirt. They have designs but nothing crazy swimming or growing on your legs.

DO #5: Chiffon leggings: These leggings are really interesting because they’re a sophisticated of tights and leggings. They look like a pair of stockings because of their chiffon accents, but they’re fit like leggings to keep you feeling secure and confident.

I hope my satirical fashion advice finds you well today. I felt it necessary to finally make a statement about this outrages trend. Remember these tips while school shopping in these next upcoming weeks.


Marisa Flacks


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