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Random Tuesdays: Minion Rush

Happy Tuesday Trim readers!

As you know, we’ve made awesome changes to the blog and Tuesdays are now dedicated to the most random and entertaining things we can get our hands on now-a-days. Fun gadgets and apps are what make our generation’s world go round, whether it consumes downtime at your internship or becomes a new fad throughout your school. We’ve decided to feature a recently discovered app that may combine one of the most addicting iPhone games and Pixar’s cutest characters; Minion Rush. That’s right, I said ‘Minion Rush.’

This app seems to be inspired by one of the most addicting games ever discovered (Temple Run), with the addition of the ever so adorable minions from Despicable Me. Who doesn’t love them some minions right? You know those are the cutest fictional characters you’ve ever laid eyes on. Well before I go off on a minion rant, I decided to check this app out for myself to see if it was wroth telling you guys and it definitely was. It turned out to be one of those games that I kept replaying no matter how many times I failed. Before I knew it, my phone had given me its last low battery warning and I knew I had to let you all know.

So there you all go — another app to distract you from whatever it is you needed to get done. Just what we all need, right…?

I hope you all consider downloading the app and enjoy it! If any of you would like to share with us any random things that you think others would enjoy, then feel free to let us know. We would love to share it!


Have a great rest of the week! xo

~Samira Elkhoury


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