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Weekly Wears: August 4th

Happy Sunday Readers!

I hope you have all been enjoying your daily dose of Trim, and are even more excited to see what else we have in store for you!

I have to admit, this weeks’ post was one of my most difficult posts yet. Not because of a long weekend or running out of ideas, but because of the topic that I’ve chosen. See, I am what you would call a ‘chronic color blocker’, meaning that my aesthetic consists of minimalistic color blocked outfits. However, this week I have discovered a trend that I’m a little obsessed with, yet hesitant to take the risk and try; mixing prints.

I’m sure before this trend started, people on the street would look at you and ask their friend “did she look in the mirror before she left her house this morning?” But, now this trend has transformed into a worldwide fad that can be made sophisticated, fun and classy.

I know what you’re thinking…print and color overload. But, when you break down each outfit individually, how harmonious and adorable does each ensemble look? I really admire women who can create this look without getting frustrated at the clashing of different patterns, kind of like I did when creating the next few outfits.

This first outfit is full of color, but also is a great first step into print mixing. While there aren’t two insanely crazy prints clashing together to form one amazing outfit, you are taking florals and stripes put together to create harmony. Next add some simple and complimentary accessories to finish off the outfit and you’re ready to show the world that different prints can look great together!

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 10.35.25 PM


The next outfit I used sort of the color pallet to match, while forgetting about the clashing prints. (As a chronic color blocker that’s all I could do to keep myself from having a panic attack). The deep greens of the top go great with the gold accents of the pants. Not to mention these pants are super comfortable and adorable, perfect for any kind of day, whether you’re working or just hanging out with friends.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 10.36.56 PM


Lastly, this outfit is perfect for day to night. While the blazer and accent heels make a perfect office outfit, the dress by itself with heels is perfect for grabbing a drink with the girls after work!



Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 10.39.48 PM


I hope you can successfully pull off one of these fun and colorful outfits, be daring and take a risk!




Marisa Flacks


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