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Hump Day: July 31st


For those of you that are confused about my enthusiastic greeting, you must have not seen the ever so catchy commercial with the hump day camel. I’ll provide the link at the bottom, and you all can thank me later.

Anyway, back to what matters — I think this may be one of my personal favorite Hump Day posts because I am a huge fan of what we are suggesting this weekend; Harem pants. I can’t even begin to explain why these pants are so awesome, but I’m definitely going to try because they’re perfect for anything!

Harem pants may sometimes be referred to as “MC Hammer” pants or “genie” pants. Whichever word you decide that best fits in vocabulary is fine with me, so long as you’re rocking them. The great thing about this clothing item is that they can go from chic to casual, with the simple feature of a drawstring. Harem pants with drawstrings call for a more casual look, while the ones with just an elastic waist can be used to get all dolled up. One thing is certain though, Harem pants can be worn around the house or at any fancy event. I don’t think it gets much more versatile and better than that.

I know, they’re amazeballs. They’re the perfect way to dress up the last month of summer [ 😦 ]. So make sure you fetch a pair of these pants, and I am very confident that you won’t regret it!

And as I promised, this will be sure to cure hump day blues:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Hump Day! xo

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