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Weekly Wears: July 8th

Happy Monday Readers!

With temperatures at ridiculously high temperatures for the past few days with no sign of a break any time soon, I’m sure you’re all fed up with frizzy and humidity-ridden hair. I know I have been resorting to a top knot every single day, which started to get boring after a few days. I wanted to give you guys a few ideas how to make your frizzy hair into something trendy, and maybe even a tad boho: headbands.

There are many different kinds of headbands, as well as many different ways to wear them. Here are some different kinds and ways your hair can beat the heat.

The first kind of headband you can try is the classic fabric headband. Most of these include fun tribal or floral prints to brighten up any outfit. When paired with a bun, they can make any  lazy day hair-do look colorful and fun.

The next type of headband you could try is super easy to make yourself so you don’t have to go out searching for one! The braid headband can be made by braiding some ribbon or thread and fastening it around your forehead. There are many different ways to wear this headband, but around the forehead seems to be the new style and looks great with a super round pair of hippie sunglasses.

Next is another DIY option, the floral headband. While this may look super editorial to wear walking down the street, it’s the perfect accessory for a summer concert with your friends.

Lastly, my favorite, the center part headband. This headband was brought to attention through starlet Nicole Richie. She coined this look when she came out with her first accessories line and ever since then it has been seen in pictures of major boho fashion events such as Coachella.

Enjoy your week!



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