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Weekly Wears: June 24th

Good Morning,

As the week begins and the forecast shows high 90’s all week, I’m sure you’re all rounding up your friends and heading to the beach. On top of lots of music and gas money, there’s a few more essentials you should definitely pack in your trunk before you begin your road trip. Here are some necessities for both men and women when planning a beach day.


For Girls:

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 10.50.33 PM


A beach bag is a definite must in order to pack up all your items for the day. Sun tan lotion AND tanning oil; while you may want to load yourself up with tanning oil, you also need to  add a little protection to your skin before soaking up too much sun. Music is also a must when lying in the sand for hours on end, magazines also keep you entertained. After a long day of abuse to your hair from ocean water to sand, a hat is always a good way to give your hair a break. Sunglasses are also important in protecting your eyes, and making your outfit a little more stylish. Spread out on your beach towel, throw your flip flops to the side, and let your day of relaxation begin.


For Men:

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 11.03.32 PM


Yes, a man beach bag is acceptable, especially when bringing enough things to entertain you all day. A skateboard, some music, and even a deck of cards are some great things to bring along for some extra fun at the beach. Comfy shoes, a waterproof watch, and sunglasses are some helpful accessories to have while spending all day in the water and sand. Lastly don’t forget to throw on some sunscreen, even if you’re spending a lot of time in the water, water attracts sun bringing on lots of opportunity for sunburn.


Have fun, get tan, and stay safe.


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