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Weekly Wears: June 17th

Good Afternoon Dolls,

After a long day of soaking up some sun, I’ve finally had time to sit down and give you your weekly dose of Trim. This week I felt like giving you a way to spice up your summer wardrobe a bit if you’re sick of wearing the same few tank tops every week.I know during the summer it’s easy to get repetitive with your outfits when you’re really busy or constantly full of sand and chlorine.

A trend that is very big this summer and adds some color to any outfit is tribal prints. There are many different ways to wear these prints and they accent any solid colored shirt or pants very well. Here are some different ways you can incorporate some tribal print into your closet.

If you are a little hesitant to jump right into a strong print, try using the tribal as an accent to your outfit. As you can see below, tribal jewelry adds color and a little bit of a summer hippie vibe to any outfit. The large tribal earrings are a great statement piece while the necklaces kind of blend in and tie together the ensemble.

Another option is to build your outfit around the tribal vibe by wearing a tribal printed shirt. Because the print is so bold and out there, this look doesn’t require much jewelry or effort. Throw on some normal shorts or even jeans and you have a great casual look. For a more dressed up look, try wearing some wedges or strappy heels with your tribal print.

Tribal pants, in my opinion, are the easiest way to make a lazy day outfit seem stylish. These over-sized tribal pants are so comfortable and feel almost as if you’re wearing sweatpants (which are just not acceptable in fashion). Paired with a solid colored shirt and some gladiators, you look like you put about a thousand times more effort into your outfit than you actually did.

Last but definitely not least, tribal skirts and dresses are an effortlessly easy dressed up look. Again, the print adds a lot more to the outfit than you would think. Minimal accessories and makeup is needed because of all the colors that the tribal prints contain.

Hope you find these tips helpful and an easy way to keep summer simple and stylish.




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