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Hump Day: June 12th

 Trim readers!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far! Thank heavens that we’ll get to enjoy some sun this weekend after the crazy amounts of rain we’ve had to endure the last few days. To make the best of the great weather we’re going to have, it only makes sense to dress as fabulous as the weather is going to make you feel. For this weekend, we have just the thing to wear that could fit for any occasion. Most people refer to them as “palazzo pants,” unless you’re Brandy Melville, then they’re called “aarika pants.” Aside from what you decide to call them, you should DEFINITELY go out and snag yourself a pair. This is one purchase that I guarantee you will not regret because if you don’t love them already, you soon will.

These pants are one of the most practical pieces of clothing a girl could own. They’re light, comfortable, stylish and most importantly, so incredibly cute. You can wear them around the house with cropped top if you feel like lounging for the day or you can spice them up with a few accessories and heels.






You cannot go wrong with these wide-legged beauties and there isn’t a better way to keep cool and stay stylish this weekend. Wear them whichever way you find most comfortable or appropriate given the circumstances and you’ll be so happy you decided to go with these pants!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! xoxo


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