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Culture Abroad: Packing

Hello Trim readers!
Summer is a season for traveling; I believe a lot of you have planned trips with friends and families. When it comes to traveling, packing is an essential step. As I am beginning to pack for my journey to South Korea I have come to realize packing can be tricky – it is hard to decide what to bring and what to leave at home. Here are some items from the closet that I think are essential for a summer trip:
Accessories – no matter if it is hair accessories or jewelry, they bring the outfit to another level!
Cardigan – Wearing a Cardigan with a t-shirt, tank top, or a dress can create a totally different look.
Jeans or Shorts – These items can be casual, not too dressy, and they go with any top.
Sandals – The perfect shoes for vacation, they are both casual and comfortable!
Summer dress – Summer is a season for dresses, no matter if it is a maxi dress or a mini dress; you just can’t go wrong with dresses.
Sunglasses – it doesn’t only protect your eyes from UV, but also the delicate area under your eyes, keeping your skin looking healthy and young.
Tank top/ T-shirts – an item that everyone can handle; a tank top itself can be boring, wear it with a vest or a cardigan or some accessories can solve the problem! They’re also great to substitute as a cover-up at the beach!
And don’t forget your sunscreen! It is important to apply sunscreen when you are outdoors, even you want to get a tan, as direct sunlight harms your skin.
Good luck,



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