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Weekly Wears: June 10th

Good Morning!

While it may not be so ‘good’ of a morning, with cloudy skies and rainy streets, we always try to brighten your day with a little style. For those of you who are out and about doing internships and spending your days running errands, the rain can get very annoying very quickly. As an intern myself, I made the mistake of wearing sandals to the city last week when there was flash flood warnings…Let’s just say that didn’t end well. But, I did learn my lesson, and wanted to give you all some ideas as to what to wear to work during these next few rainy days.

Two words are key to remember when experiencing rain: BOOTS AND JEANS. While it is summer and you don’t necessarily want to wear boots and jeans together, you can add a cute pair of ankle boots to a dress or a skirt, or wear jeans with that new top instead of shorts, all tied together with a close-toed flat, to keep your feet warm and dry.


As you can see below, these women took boots and paired them with bright colors in order to make the rainy day attire appear a little more summery. Their outfits are casual, comfortable, and appropriate for both work and bad weather.

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Another way to wear boots in the summer is to pair them with one of those new dresses you bought just for a day in the office. The dress keeps the outfit light and flowy with a summery vibe, while the boots keep your feet dry and still pull the outfit together.





While jeans might be a pain to wear on a hot summer day, they are sure nice to have around once the clouds come out. You can still pair your favorite summer tank top with a pair of jeans, and wear those new flats you’ve been dying to pull out of your closet.

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Throw on some accessories, bag, and DON’T FORGET THE UMBRELLA, and you’re ready to go. Have fun and good luck!




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