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Hump Day: June 5th

Hey lovlies!

Alright, I got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we’re probably going to have to endure some rainfall this weekend, which as we all know, is a huge inconvenience to picking out our outfits. The good news is although we are going to experience gross weather, we have a way to glam up your outfit and say bye-bye to the rainy day blues!

Considering that rain around this time of year means wet, humid air, along with a giant frizz-ball on top of our heads that we are supposed to call “hair,”  it is hard to tackle the obstacle in deciding what to wear that won’t make you too hot but will keep you somewhat dry. For this weekend, the solution to that dilemma is going to be a cropped blazer. Cropped blazers are an essential item because let’s face it, if it’s cropped, then we love it. Also, if it’s your correct size, then it falls right at your waist area. Similar to the same effect of high waisted pants, cropped blazers can also make you look taller because it brings the attention to your prominent shoulders, thus giving you some poise in the way you walk.

You can top off almost any look with a cropped blazer and it won’t take away from the summery feel of your outfit.


3a6aa1fd2087a8dc8feef8c5e63ca9653fd51e0f271bc6172838d4ac7376464d tumblr_mnx8iaXP8a1rwceplo1_500

For those of you that have a fancier occasion to attend, this look also works whether it’s an event that your internship needs you to assist at or a formal dinner.




Well I hope this helped! Stay dry and have a wonderful weekend, readers! xoxo

(all photos were taken form tumblr and pinterest)

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