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Weekly Wears: June 3rd

Good Morning!

As I’m sure you can all agree, it’s a little difficult getting adjusted to a new schedule, especially in the summer. So Trim apologizes for any late posts this past week.

On a lighter note, I hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having. This weather is perfect for a day out on the town, walking the cobble stone streets enjoying little shops, or attending farmer’s markets, etc. When the sun isn’t too hot, and you’re comfortable enough to actually wear some clothing, I have the perfect outfit for any kind of day. Whether you’re hanging around the house with some friends, grabbing lunch with a co-worker, or shopping with your mama, a maxi dress is perfect for any occasion.

The first type of maxi dress you should have in your closet is a casual maxi dress. This dress you throw on to run to the grocery store or grab a bite to eat with a friend. You can easily pair it with casual flip flops, throw your hair in a top knot and be ready to run out the door. It’s super easy, and super cute.

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The next type of maxi dress you should have in your closet is the beachy maxi dress. This dress is easy to throw over a bathing suit after a long day at the beach when you’re ready to head out to dinner. It’s an easy and quick change that will take you from looking sandy, to looking stylish. Grab a cute beach hat or beach bag and you’re ready to go.

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The last, but definitely not least, type of maxi dress that will take your closet to the next level is the dressy maxi dress. This dress is elegant and sophisticated. You can wear it out to a nice dinner, or to your Dad’s company gala. Pair it with some dangly earrings and mature sandals and you’re ready to go.

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I hope this gives you an easy and quick look to keep you looking cute and comfortable this summer!



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