Feature: Graduating Editors

Hello Lovely Readers,

While most of you get to sit back and enjoy the content and creations inside the pages of our magazine and on our blog, not many of you have the opportunity to see the faces who put such hard work into creating Trim Magazine. If you got a chance to pick up a copy of the printed version of this semester’s magazine, you go to meet the creator of Trim, Gino. While Gino was the mastermind behind our masterpiece, there were many other hardworking and talent students that made this project possible. Most of the original team that started Trim have graduated from Rutgers this year, and we wanted to introduce you to them, as well as congratulate them on their outstanding achievements, wishing them luck as they take their next steps into the real world. We know that you will all do great things, putting your talents to good use, and excelling in whatever path you choose to take from here. You will all be greatly missed, and remembered at Trim Magazine, as for without you guys we would not be the magazine we are today.



I’m Co-Editor-In-Chief (along with Lauren Nester) as well as Creative Director. I love contributing to every part of the magazine whether it be writing an opinion piece, shooting street style, giving interviews, or helping at shoots. I’ve had an amazing learning experience being part of Trim. One piece of advice for current/future members is that this is the ONLY organization at Rutgers with real connections to the fashion and design industry so do not take it for granted and really prove yourself! It will go a long way. I worked towards a double major in Computer Science and Visual Art. My ideal job would be in R&D. I’ve had a pretty consistent freelance job at Tommy Hilfiger’s Creative Services Department throughout college. This summer I will be travelling throughout Thailand and Cambodia with my backpack, a notebook, and some great friends!



I was the Deputy Editor of Trim Magazine. I graduated with a degree in chemical engineering, in my free time I enjoy playing guitar and hanging out with friends. My experience at Trim has introduced me to many exciting, passionate people and taught me a lot about all that goes into creating a great magazine.



Hi, I’m Sandra and I make art and I write for a living. I was the Web Editor for Trim Magazine. I graduated Rutgers University with a double major in Information Technology and Informatics and Visual Arts. My resistance is sleep and I know a lot of arbitrary information as a result of staying up all night devouring Wikipedia articles. I enjoy photography, videography, printmaking, painting, video game design, making comics, blogging and anything related to computers.

We would also like to thank Laura Pulagrin, our Fashion Editor, Mike Morton our Editorial Editor, who did not get a chance to submit a bio. Both of them helped a huge deal with the beautiful styling and articles that you saw and read throughout all of our magazines. They are both very talented people and will go far in both of their fields.

I hope you enjoyed getting to a put a face to the name, and see the smiling faces who created the masterpiece that is Trim.

Congrats again guys!





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