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Trend Alert: Swimwear

Hello lovely readers,

As we slowly watch the month of May come to an end, the temperatures are finally beginning to rise, making it really feel more like summer. By the end of this week the weather channel is predicting temperatures in the low 90’s, with sunny skies, and packed beaches. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I’m sure you’re all very grateful to be able to go to the beach this summer. While you’re appreciating these day trips to the beach a lot more than normal this year, why not look a lot more stylish than normal?

This summer swimsuit trends have drastically shifted from the past few years. One-piece swimsuits have reappeared, as well as high-waisted two pieces formerly seen worn on people like Marilyn Monroe. Another new design that has emerged is the frilly two piece. Here are some cute swimsuits and styling ideas for your next beach trip.

These first swimsuits are one pieces. However, they’re not what you typically think when hearing the words ‘one piece’. They don’t contain any nike symbol or have some ugly geographic print on them. They are very modern, with cool prints, cut outs, and color blocking.

A great way to wear these one piece suits is with a fedora or beach hat, just to make the ensemble a little more hipster and beach-y. Throw a big tote over your shoulder and you’re ready to hit the sand.

The next set of bathing suits is a little more retro than we’re used to. The high-waisted bathing suit bottom is coming back, making curvy girls everywhere feel more confident and secure about their bodies, who can complain about that?!

These bottoms make any look feel a little more classy. They look great with any beach hat, or even bandana to give the whole look an authentic retro feel.

Lastly, ‘frilly’ topped bathing suits are a new design that has entered the beach scene. These tops look good on any body shape, small or large chested, and give the outfit a hipster feel.

As shown in two of the pictures, throw on a few vintage looking simple necklaces to complete the look.

Don’t forget some sun screen and tanning oil to keep your skin safe from the sun, while still getting  a dark bronze tan. Hope you all have a safe and stylish first trips to the beach.



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