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Culture Abroad: South Korea

Good morning! 

I hope you’re soaking up the sun on this beautiful Sunday! Trim would like to help brighten up your day with a special surprise! We have a guest blogger here at Trim for the summer. As a culture, lifestyle, and fashion magazine, we wanted to explore those aspects of other countries and report back to you readers, giving you some fun new information and inspiration. So, here I introduce to you Katrina Kwan our study abroad writer, who will be studying in South Korea and reporting back to all of you readers on her experience. 

Happy summer, Trim readers! This is Katrina and I will be blogging for Trim magazine this summer about my study abroad experience in Seoul, South Korea.  I will be staying in Seoul for a month as a foreign student in Ewha University, studying Korean language and ceramics. And of course I will be doing a lot of sight seeing in South Korea. I am so excited about sharing my experiences and discovering Seoul with you through this blog! 

Seoul is an amazing city with its unique culture. There are a lot of things that are worth discovering. I will be blogging about the lifestyle, art, and culture of Seoul. If you are interested in discovering Seoul and Korean culture with me, please stay tuned! If you have any requested posts, please comment below:) 


Wish you have a great summer!





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