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Women’s Fashion: Intern Attire

Hello fashionable readers,

I hope you have all enjoyed your first week of summer, even though the weather hasn’t adjusted to the change in season yet. I’m sure most of you are excited to have a break from school, but as we’re slowly becoming grown ups and joining the real world, it’s time to get our foot in the door by first being corporate slaves, or as some people like to call it, interning.

For those of you that are very interested in fashion, you are well aware that being a fashion intern is unlike any other job. You don’t work 9am to 5pm and wear a “business casual” suite ever day. Your hours are spontaneous, and most of the time very long, including events on weekends and late nights steaming clothes. One of the perks of being a fashion intern is that you don’t have to dress in a repetitive uniform, you can be a little creative, while still staying modest. As an intern for the past 2 years, I’ve put together a few looks that are considered acceptable in the fashion workplace and I hope will help you to brighten up your internship experience this summer.

This first outfit is very light and simple, and most of all comfortable. As an intern you will probably be running through the streets of NYC getting coffee and dropping off/picking up samples. This outfit is easy to move in, as these shorts are non-constricting like normal jean shorts. The top knot, or sock bun, is an easy go-to hair style of a summer intern. This look will keep your hair out of your face and give you one less thing to worry about while running errands. Dress it up with some cute jewelry and you’re ready to go to work.

intern 4

This next outfit is a fashionable twist on the pant suit. Normal corporate internships expect you to wear a suit everyday. While get to escape that dress code as a fashion intern, you can also choose to wear it and spice it up a little bit with neon accents. The white trouser is perfect for summer and looks very sophisticated with strappy sandal heels and a cute clutch. intern 2

This next outfit is a little more comfortable and one of my personal favorites. Maxi dresses are like the pajamas of dresses. They are so light and airy, and will definitely keep you comfortable during a busy day in the city. They’re easy to dress up with small accent jewelry pieces and can be paired with comfortable gladiators for the perfect lazy day outfit.
intern 5

This combo is a little more dressed up, perfect for a press day or meeting with a big boss. The colorful printed skirt is long enough to stay modest, while the shirt gives you a little room to breath. These strappy sandals are one of my personal favorites for the season and should give you enough support to stay comfortable. While the outfit is already accented with different colors, skip the jewelry and grab a matching shoulder bag and you’re ready to go.

date night 2

If you could see my closet you would realize I have a bad obsession with anything involving jean fabric. It’s so comfortable to wear and looks great made into any kind of clothing. This dress can be easily taken to another level with a floral printed blazer, colorful shoes and some simple jewelry. This outfit is super comfortable to run around in and can even be worn without the blazer if you’re working up a sweat during a fitting or model casting. intern 3

Last, but definitely not least, my favorite outfit. This outfit takes pieces from every section of your closet, from casual, to classy, to spunky, and colorful. Grab a cute, little bit worn out, t-shirt and pair it with a tight fitted knee-length leather skirt. Take some colorful accessories and neutral shoes and you have the perfect outfit for your first day on the job. You’ll impress your new boss, while staying comfortable and adorable.
intern 1

Good luck and enjoy your internship! If there’s anything I’ve learned from my 2 years of interning is that while you may be miserable doing the little petty jobs, you learn a lot in the end and you will be thankful for your experience.



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