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Weekly Wears: May 16th

Hello lovely readers,

HAPPY SUMMER! Finally, after weeks of studying our lives away and hiding in the library looking like hobos, we are free to wear and do whatever we want for the next four months! In light of celebrating freedom from school, and all the adorable summer outfits I’m sure are dying to jump out of your closet this week, I thought I’d give you some advice as to some cute footwear to pair with your clothing.

The biggest trend walking the street this summer is heeled sandals. Prabal Gurung sparked a movement this summer when he put heeled, strappy, sandals on the shelves of Target as part of his Love collection. His line came in all different colors from black, to lime green, and even ruby red; making it easy to pick any pair to match your newest summer outfit.

If you’re looking for a more edgy and unique look, there are many sandals that feature fun prints or decorations like studs. These sandals are not only adorable but they’re super comfortable, even for a long day on your feet at your new internship or summer job.

There are many different ways to wear these shoes. You can pair them with a casual shorts outfit just to dress it up a little bit. Or, you can accent a dress or skirt combo. My favorite is to color block using sandals. Take a white blazer and white trousers, paired with lime green heeled sandals for a nice summery pop of color.

Hope you’re all enjoying your first few days of freedom and plan on having a wonderful summer! ALSO, just because Rutgers’ academics are taking a break, doesn’t mean Trim Magazine is on vacation for the summer. Look for new additions to our blog as well as behind the scenes footage of our last issue. A huge thank you to all of the new readers we have gained the past month, and we hope that you fell in love with Trim Magazine at first touch, just like we have.



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