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Music: DJ Rigby Essential House Jams

A regular at Rutgers bars and basement parties, Jeffrey Neikrie whose moniker is DJ Rigby is slowly spreading his music outside of College Ave. When he mixes for a party, Rigby tends to include party bangers and skillfully combines them in imaginative ways to create a memorable effect on the listener. It’s no wonder he is gathering a following online and attention from clubs around the tri-state area including Pacha, where he has played multiple times.

We asked Rigby to create a playlist for Trim and it includes music from the likes of Depeche Mode and Mat Zo. You can find it under the interview–Enjoy!

What made you choose these songs?

I chose these songs because they are my favorite to play out when I DJ. I enjoy funky original sounds and bass heavy music.

Why did you decide to become a DJ?

I became a DJ because I started out as a music producer and needed a means of playing my music out. Because I am an electronic music producer, I do everything on my own and create all the instruments myself.

At the moment who are some of your favorite artists?

My favorite artist right now is a techno group called Ego Troopers. I also like Daniel Portman. He’s a minimal house artist. Also Angger Dimas, and the Reef. I like artists that create original sounds unlike the same house music I have heard a million times.


For more DJ Rigby make sure to check out his Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

Image via: ici et ailleurs

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