Sneak Peek: Richards

Hullo kids! It’s been a whole long while since I’ve graced the Trim blog with my presence, and luckily I’ve got some pretty pictures to share with y’all today. Before us we have our shoot from a Manhattan rooftop studio with designer Sarah Leslie Richards. Richards is a fashion designer primarily based in New York City who has been working on a collection of unique and beautiful tropical prints. Her designs are fresh and downright modernistic, capturing images and ideas from nature and pleasantly relocating them to her collection. It’s no shock that Lauren took the reigns here and shot the photos herself with the help of Kana, Laura, Michelle, Mohini and Adam. We had our Trim team of lookers work with Ania Kanigowska and Emily Winokur, who did a beautiful job with the hair and makeup.

And remember! Our new, beautifully printed Spring 2013 issue will be available within the next few days! Don’t forget to pick one up around campus! (It’s coming to my house and I honestly can’t wait. Wahoo!)
We will also be releasing the full online version as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

Good luck on those finals, my little lambs!
– Sandra


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