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A Knight Out: Stress Factory

Happy Thursday, readers!

I’m sure it’s been a stressful week for us all, due to the fact that it’s crunch time and all we want to do is have some fun in this beautiful weather. Keep calm, it’ll all be over soon! Considering this is probably the last weekend that most of us can have a little fun before we’re pulling all-nighters, it’s imperative that we let a little stress out before our textbooks look like they’re written in a completely different language. Where can you go to let a little frustration out you ask? Well, I have just the place for you–New Brunswick’s very own Stress Factory Comedy Club!

Located at 90 Church Street, this place is exactly what most of us students need–a pleasant atmosphere, filled with plethora of laughter. The Comedy Club offers an abundance of special stand-up talent. As for the youngin’s out there, don’t you worry because this place is open for 16+!

As far as the pricing, the tickets include the so-called “cover charge” as well as two items from their menu, along with drinks. This place is perfect for those you that need to get out for a bit but can’t go too crazy because you probably have an early morning study sesh planned. The tickets are within college student budget, so why not check the place out! For more information regarding the comedy club, check out their website.

Hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful, and stress-free weekend! Stay safe. xo


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