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Weekly Wears: April 28th

Hello Readers,

Congrats, you’re almost there! One more full week of classes and then summer is on the horizon. I know the struggle is real these next 2 weeks, but keep pushing forward and you’ll be stress-free in no time.

This week the weather isn’t going to be any help on top of our educational stress; lots of rain and clouds in the forecast for this week. As I did last week, I wanted to give you something to wear that is easy and won’t get ruined in the rain; vintage t-shirts.

Vintage t-shirts are amazing because they are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your closet. Especially in today’s fashion world, there are so many different ways to wear a vintage t-shirt. Also, you don’t have to splurge on some “investment vintage piece”, go to your local thrift shop and pick up some old t’s that you can cut up and fashion to your fancy (yes, that’s how exhausted I am already this week, I just said that); or if you feel like spending a little extra, Forever 21 and H&M always have great vintage inspired tops.

The first way to wear a vintage t is pretty basic, cut it up and tuck it into some high waisted shorts. These kind of shorts make any outfit look like you added a little extra effort. Top it off with some small accessories and you’re ready to go.


Next we have a little more dressed up. This vintage t-shirt was paired with super sparkly shorts, and draped in accessories. The outfit is super effortless, yet it looks amazing.

Next is the printed pants. This white vintage t-shirt is extremely plain when by itself, however next to a pair of leopard print pants, it’s the perfect combination for any day in class, not to mention super comfortable.


Probably one of the most effortless outfits is this one. All she did was take a cut up vintage t-shirt and pair it with a printed skirt. Since she’s wearing a skirt, the outfit looks a little more dressy than the other ones, however it only contains 2 pieces and she looks great.

For a day that is a little colder, grab a leather jacket to top off your vintage t-shirt. This girl paired her leather and vintage with some lace, just to soften the look a little bit. I love the combo.


Lastly, this is the perfect summertime outfit. A cut up vintage tank is paired with vibrant floral shorts, and topped off with some accessories. Once again this outfit is very easy to put together, but looks a lot more complicated because of the mix of textures and aesthetics.


I hope you’re all fully prepared for the upcoming weeks of finals. Grab some coffee, headphones, and say a little prayer because it has to get worse before it can get better, or in this case warmer. Good luck Scarlet Knights!



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