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A Knight Out: Old Man Rafferty’s

Happy Thursday readers!

I hope you’re all enjoying the lovely weather we are experiencing this week, and look forward to a warm weekend. This week we decided to do something a little different with our Knight Out. I know along with the warm weather, comes visits from family; grandparents coming for lunch and little cousins running around outside. We wanted to give you guys a place to take your family for a great spring sunday brunch: Old Man Rafferty’s.

Old Man Rafferty’s is located at the intersection of George Street and Albany Street in downtown New Brunswick. Its’ brick building is decorated with blue awnings and large glass windows. It’s locating is perfect, especially for bringing family from out of town. You can take a little walk around downtown before stopping in to eat.



The restaurant also offers outdoor seating for those super beautiful days. The outdoor seating area in front and around the corner offer great scenery with trees and flowers surrounding the area. For all those 21+, feel free to top off your meal with a refreshing glass of their wonderful wine, perfect for any spring day.



The inside atmosphere is very classy, yet family oriented. The friendly waiters make the experience even more enjoyable. Don’t forget to try out their sunday buffet, full of everything from seafood, to eggs, to steak. It’s perfect to satisfy the whole family’s appetite.



Before you leave, make sure to check out their famous pies. They have everything from cheesecake, to extra chocolatey pies. There’s a flavor for everyone, and you’ll want to take some home for later.



I hope you all have a great weekend and get a little tan in this beautiful weather.


(All photos taken from Old Man Rafferty’s website)


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