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Weekly Wears: April 7th

Hello pretties,

SPRING HAS ARRIVED! I can finally say Mother Nature has gotten rid of her ridiculously cold winds and chilly temperatures; warmer days are here! This week the high is going to be on Tuesday, with a stunning 79 degrees. Let’s hope this forecast stays true!

Since I’m sure you are as excited as I am at the fact that warm temperatures are finally here, this post is dedicated to SHORTS. I’m so happy to be able to say that word in a sentence. There are many different kinds of shorts and different ways to wear them.

FIRST, we have the springy floral shorts. These are great at accenting a brightly colored top. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from high waisted to a little baggy and more comfortable.



SECOND, is the statement shorts. These shorts have some kind of bold and fun print on them. Again, they are good for dressing up any plain bright colored shirt. They also look awesome with a matching colored blazer, giving you an extra sophisticated look for that new summer internship you’re starting soon.

eab5385051fbc4caaa1f5c0da6df1cf8THIRD, are the high-waisted shorts. These shorts come in all different fabrics and prints. They seem to be one of the biggest trends this season. Tucking in your favorite summer top in your high-waisted shorts gives you a tiny waist look, perfect for that summer bod you’ve been working on since new year’s resolutions came around. 634edc6158431933bc45918c8153e53c


FOURTH, one of my favorites: lace shorts. These shorts give you a light and airy look, making any bold top seem innocent. They’re perfect for a breezy spring day or even for church with your parents. I must warn you, like always, be careful with white shorts, they stain easily. Lace shorts come in all different colors from black, to light purple, to peach, and add texture to any outfit.



FIFTH, leather shorts. I, personally, just bought my first pair at H&M for only $19. They’re surprisingly comfortable and add a little edge to any outfit. I wore my leather shorts with a neon green bandeau and opened white button up tank top. There are endless possibilities with these shorts. You can make them look professional, as pictured below, or spice them up for a night out. fbab13ffeeafdcd9cb98415796975b78


SIXTH, destroyed jean shorts are a classic. I don’t think this look will ever go out of style because there are so many options. You can dress down a classy shirt with these shorts, or roughen up a band tank top. b3910581a37f66359778c60bb95bce66


LASTLY, pastel shorts. These are a newer trend this season and add a pop of color to any outfit. They make pastel shorts in many different fabrics from colored jean to lace, as pictured below. a33ae62de9408bf2678073fab37355f9


I hope you all enjoy every second of this weeks’ wonderful weather. Maybe Mother Nature will actually decide to keep this weather around for a while, cross your fingers for all of us.



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